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high-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution




The project Mitochondrial Physiology Map (MiPMap) is initiated to provide an overview of mitochondrial properties in cell types, tissues and species. As part of Bioblast, MiPMap may be considered as an information synthase for Comparative Mitochondrial Physiology. Establishing a comprehensive database will require global input and cooperation.

A comparative database of mitochondrial physiology may provide the key for understanding the functional implications of mitochondrial diversity from mouse to man, and evaluation of altered mitochondrial respiratory control patterns in health and disease (Gnaiger 2009).

Abbreviation: MiPMap

Reference: Gnaiger E (2009) Capacity of oxidative phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle. New perspectives of mitochondrial physiology. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 41:1837-45.

MitoPedia concepts: MiP concept 

MiPMap labels

MiPMap labels provide the backbone of the MiPMap project. The MiPMap labels can be considered as keywords which can be attached to various sources of information (publications). With proper labelling, multidimensional maps of information can be constructed, filtering the sources through various grids.
The MiPMap labels (filters) are grouped into various topics (properties).

MiP areas

Property:MiP area
β€’β€’ Respiration β€’β€’ Instruments;methods β€’β€’ mt-Biogenesis;mt-density β€’β€’ mt-Structure;fission;fusion β€’β€’ mt-Membrane β€’β€’ mtDNA;mt-genetics β€’β€’ nDNA;cell genetics β€’β€’ Genetic knockout;overexpression β€’β€’ Comparative MiP;environmental MiP β€’β€’ Gender β€’β€’ Developmental biology β€’β€’ Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style β€’β€’ mt-Medicine β€’β€’ Patients β€’β€’ Pharmacology;toxicology β€’β€’ mt-Awareness
  • Patients: when there is real information about patients, not just whenever a pathology is dealt with


Property:Mammal and model
β€’β€’ Human β€’β€’ Pig β€’β€’ Mouse β€’β€’ Rat β€’β€’ Guinea pig β€’β€’ Bovines β€’β€’ Horse β€’β€’ Dog β€’β€’ Rabbit β€’β€’ Cat β€’β€’ Other mammals β€’β€’ Chicken β€’β€’ Zebrafish β€’β€’ Drosophila β€’β€’ Artemia β€’β€’ Caenorhabditis elegans β€’β€’ Saccharomyces cerevisiae β€’β€’ Birds β€’β€’ Reptiles β€’β€’ Amphibians β€’β€’ Fishes β€’β€’ Chelicerates β€’β€’ Crustaceans β€’β€’ Hexapods β€’β€’ Myriapods β€’β€’ Annelids β€’β€’ Molluscs β€’β€’ Nematodes β€’β€’ Other invertebrates β€’β€’ Fungi β€’β€’ Plants β€’β€’ Protists β€’β€’ β€’β€’ Eubacteria β€’β€’ Archea


Property:Tissue and cell
β€’β€’ Heart β€’β€’ Skeletal muscle β€’β€’ Nervous system β€’β€’ Liver β€’β€’ Kidney β€’β€’ Lung;gill β€’β€’ Islet Cell; Pancreas; Thymus β€’β€’ Endothelial; Epithelial; Mesothelial Cell β€’β€’ Blood cells β€’β€’ Fat β€’β€’ Genital β€’β€’ Other cell lines β€’β€’ CHO β€’β€’ HEK β€’β€’ HeLa β€’β€’ Neuroblastoma β€’β€’ Fibroblast β€’β€’ HUVEC β€’β€’ Macrophage-derived stem cells β€’β€’ Lymphocyte β€’β€’ Platelet β€’β€’ Stem cells


β€’β€’ Intact Organism β€’β€’ Intact Organ β€’β€’ Intact cells β€’β€’ Permeabilized cells β€’β€’ Permeabilized tissue β€’β€’ Homogenate β€’β€’ Isolated Mitochondria β€’β€’ SMP β€’β€’ Chloroplasts β€’β€’ Enzyme β€’β€’ Oxidase; Biochemical Oxidation


β€’β€’ Adenine Nucleotide Translocase β€’β€’ Complex I β€’β€’ Complex II; Succinate Dehydrogenase β€’β€’ Complex III β€’β€’ Complex IV; Cytochrome c Oxidase β€’β€’ Complex V; ATP Synthase β€’β€’ Inner mtMembrane Transporter β€’β€’ Marker Enzyme β€’β€’ Supercomplex β€’β€’ TCA Cycle and Matrix Dehydrogenases β€’β€’ Uncoupling protein

Stress conditions

β€’β€’ Cell death β€’β€’ Cryopreservation β€’β€’ Ischemia-reperfusion β€’β€’ Permeability transition β€’β€’ Oxidative stress;RONS β€’β€’ Hypothermia; hyperthermia β€’β€’ Mitochondrial desease

Pathological states

β€’β€’ Aging; senescence β€’β€’ Alzheimer's β€’β€’ Autism β€’β€’ Cancer β€’β€’ Cardiovascular β€’β€’ COPD β€’β€’ Diabetes β€’β€’ Inherited β€’β€’ Infectious β€’β€’ Myopathy β€’β€’ Neurodegenerative β€’β€’ Obesity β€’β€’ Parkinson's β€’β€’ Sepsis β€’β€’ Other


Property:Respiration and regulation
β€’β€’ Aerobic glycolysis β€’β€’ ADP β€’β€’ ATP β€’β€’ ATP production β€’β€’ Calcium β€’β€’ Coupling efficiency;uncoupling β€’β€’ Cyt c β€’β€’ Flux control β€’β€’ Inhibitor β€’β€’ Ion;substrate transport β€’β€’ mt-Membrane potential β€’β€’ Oxygen kinetics β€’β€’ PCr;Cr β€’β€’ pH β€’β€’ Phosphate β€’β€’ Redox state β€’β€’ Substrate β€’β€’ Temperature β€’β€’ Threshold;excess capacity β€’β€’ Uncoupler β€’β€’ Fatty acid β€’β€’ Amino acid
  • Oxygen: Oxygen kinetics, oxygen dependence of respiration and mitochondrial processes

Coupling control states

Property:Coupling states
β€’β€’ LEAK β€’β€’ ROUTINE β€’β€’ OXPHOS β€’β€’ ET-pathway

Pathway control states

β€’β€’ F β€’β€’ N β€’β€’ S β€’β€’ Gp β€’β€’ DQ β€’β€’ CIV β€’β€’ NS β€’β€’ Other combinations β€’β€’ ROX

High-resolution respirometry - HRR

Property:Instrument and method
β€’β€’ High-resolution respirometry: Oxygraph-2k β€’β€’ TIP2k β€’β€’ O2k-Fluorometer β€’β€’ pH β€’β€’ NO β€’β€’ TPP β€’β€’ Ca β€’β€’ O2k-Spectrophotometer β€’β€’ O2k-Manual β€’β€’ O2k-Protocol β€’β€’ Theory

Additional labels

  • Labels: indicates that publication has been entered but not yet labelled or that labelling might need revision.
  • noPDF: no PDF was available for the implementation of this publication; labelling is merely based on the abstract.
  • [Epub ahead of print] helps in finding and complementing references with no available issue and page numbers at the time of implementation.
  • MitoFitPublication: To label publications affiliated with the MitoFit project.
  • Date in the format yyyy-mm, e.g. 2015-12: indicates the year and month the publication was implemented and helps in creating the table of recently added Publications.


Publications in the MiPMap

Mitochondrial properties in organisms (species), cell types and tissues



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