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MitoGlobal Events

Mitochondrial conferences, workshops, meetings
MitoGlobal Events

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MitoGlobal Events 2022

 DateLocation - Country
MiPNet26.07 Installation and startup support session2022
Virtual Oroboros Installation and startup support session
GRS on Mitochondria & Chloroplasts 2022 West Dover US2022
Grs logo.png
West Dover, VT, US, 2022 . Gordon Research Seminar on Mitochondria & Chloroplasts.
Virtual OroDM022022
NextGenO2k logo.jpg
Virtual Oroboros Distributor Meeting, OroDM02
MiPNet25.16 Virtual O2k-Workshop HRR2022
Virtual O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) - Basic and Advanced (O2 and H2O2 fluxes)
SHVM 2022 Seoul KR2022
Seoul KR , 2022. 19th Annual Meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (SHVM)
Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development 2022 Boston US2022-02-22
Mitochondria Targeted Therapeutics
Boston, MA US, 2022 Feb 22-24. 2nd Annual Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development - Overcome the Challenge of Treating Unmet Medical Needs Caused by Mitochondrial Dysfunction
FAT4BRAIN 3rd Online ESR Workshop2022-02-25
Virtual, 2022 February 25. FAT4BRAIN 3rd Online ESR Workshop - WIDESPREAD PROJECT.
Padua Days 2022 Padua IT2022-03-30Padua, IT, 2022 Mar 30 - Apr 02. Padua Days on Myology & Mobility Medicine (PDM3)
Mitochondrial Communications Serial Webinar 4 2022 Virtual2022-03-30Virtual, 2022 March 30. Mitochondrial Communications Serial Webinar 4 2022
VASCage 2022 Innsbruck AT2022-04-05Innsbruck, AT, 2022 April 05. VASCage - Vascular and Stroke Research Partnering
FAT4BRAIN Workshop IOC151 Innsbruck AT2022-05-02
Innsbruck, AT, 2022 May 2-3. FAT4BRAIN Workshop IOC 151 on mitochondrial function in CNS-related applications: from pre-clinical to clinical studies
10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE2022-05-12Hamburg, DE, 2022 May 12-15. 10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association
Research to Practice 2022 Virtual2022-05-19Virtual, 2021 May 19-21. Research to Practice 2022
Long Night of Research 2022 Innsbruck AT2022-05-20
Innsbruck, AT, 2022 May 20. Oroboros at Long Night of Research, CCB. The diagnostic bioenergetic report – a milestone on the way to mitochondrial fitness and physical well-being.
UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2022 Phoenix AZ US2022-06-08
Phoenix AZ, US, 2022 Jun 08-11 . Mitochondrial Medicine.
ESCI 2022 Bari IT2022-06-08
Bari, IT, 2022 Jun 8-10. 56th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation, ESCI 2022.
Bioblast 20222022-06-29BEC.png Innsbruck, AT, 2022 Jun 29 - 30. Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference.
MiPNet27.02 IOC153 Innsbruck AT2022-07-01
NextGenO2k logo.jpg
Innsbruck AT, 2022 Jul 01-02. NextGen-O2k All-in-one Demo Workshop IOC153.
FEBS 2022 Mutters AT2022-07-04
Mutters, AT. 2022 Jul 04-07, 2nd FEBS Workshop on Ageing and Regeneration.
16th International Conference on Mitochondrial Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases 2022 Stockholm SE2022-07-12Stockholm, SE, 2022 July 12-13. ICMMND 2022: 16th International Conference on Mitochondrial Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases
5th Academic Symposium of Metabolic Biology Branch of Chinese Biophysical Society 2022 Zunyi CN2022-07-26Zunyi, CN, 2022 Jul 26-29. 5th Academic Symposium of Metabolic Biology Branch of Chinese Biophysical Society.
MiPNet27.03 IOC154 Innsbruck AT2022-08-01
Innsbruck AT, 2022 Aug 01-05. O2k-Coaching Days - O2k-FluoRespirometer and NextGen-O2k, IOC154.
EBEC2022 Aix-en-Provence FR2022-08-20
Aix-en-Provence, FR, 2022 August 20-25. 21st European Bioenergetics Conference.
Europhysiology 2022 Copenhagen DK2022-09-16Copenhagen, DK. 2022 Sep 16-18, Europhysiology 2022.
MiPNet27.08 Innsbruck BEC tutorial-Living Communications pmF2022-09-19
Innsbruck AT, 2022 Sep 19. BEC tutorial-Living Communications: pmF
The 77th Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 2022 Tochigi JP2022-09-21Tochigi JP, 2022 Sep 21-23. The 77th Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
MiPNet27.06 Prague BEC tutorial-Living Communications pmF2022-09-22
Prague CZ, 2022 Sep 22. BEC tutorial-Living Communications: pmF — pre EMC2022 Prague.
EMC2022 Prague CZ2022-09-22Prague CZ, 2022 Sep 22-26. EMC 2022 49th European Muscle Conference
EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course 2022 Budva ME2022-09-27
EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course
Budva ME, 2022 Sep 27 - October 01. EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course 'Mitochondria in life, death and disease'.
BMT 2022 Innsbruck AT2022-09-28Innsbruck, AT, 2022 Sep 28-30. Aviso: BMT 2022 - Joint Annual Conference of the Austrian, German and Swiss Societies for Biomedical Engineering
MiPNet27.05 Schroecken BEC tutorial-Living Communications pmP2022-09-30
Schroecken AT, 2022 Sep 30-Oct 03. BEC tutorial-Living Communications: pmF to pmP — pre IOC155.
FAT4BRAIN O2k-Workshop Schroeken AT2022-10-03
Schroecken AT, 2022 Oct 03-08. FAT4BRAIN O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), part of IOC155.
MiPNet27.04 IOC155 Schroecken AT2022-10-03
Schroecken AT, 2022 Oct 03-08. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC155.
FAT4BRAIN Symposium Jena DE2022-10-20
Jena DE, 2022 October 20-21. FAT4BRAING Symposium - WIDESPREAD PROJECT.
CRUK Beatson Institute Workshop 2022 Glasgow UK2022-10-24Glasgow, UK, 2022 Oct 24-25. CRUK Beatson Institute Workshop - Problems in the Powerhouse: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cancer.
13th Targeting Mitochondria Congress 2022 Berlin DE2022-10-26Berlin, DE, 2022 Oct 26-28. 13th Targeting Mitochondria Congress
AussieMit 2022 Sydney AU2022-11-16Sydney, AU, 2022 Nov 16-18. AussieMit 2022 7th biennial Australian conference for mitochondrial research.
AlgaEurope 2022 Rome IT2022-12-13
Rome, IT, 2022 Dec 13-15. AlgaEurope 2022.

MitoGlobal Events 2023

 DateLocation - Country
BPS2023 San Diego US2023-02-18San Digeo, US, 2023 Feb 18-22. 67th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society.
ESCI 2023 Prague CZ2023-06-07
Bari, IT, 2023 Jun 7-9. 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation, ESCI 2023.
EUROMIT2023 Bologna IT2023-06-11Bologna, IT, Jun 11-15, 2023. EUROMIT2023 International Conference on Mitochondrial Pathology
MiPschool Obergurgl 20232023-07-23
Obergurgl, AT. 23-27 Jul 2023. 13th MiPschool 2023. - pre MiPconference
MiP2023 Obergurgl AT2023-07-27
Obergurgl AT. 2023 Jul 27-30. 15th MiPconference: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity.
GRS on Organellar Channels and Transporters 2023 Castelldefels ES2023-08-06
Grs logo.png
Castelldefels , ES, 2023 Aug 6-11. Gordon Research Seminar on Organellar Channels and Transporters.

MitoGlobal Events 2024

 DateLocation - Country
International Botanical Congress 2024 Madrid ES2024-07-21Madrid, ES, 2024 Jul 21-27. 20th International Botanical Congress (IBC)

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