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NextGen-O2k Documentation


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP3: Documentation


In Workpackage 3 a complete set of SOPs, user manuals, tutorial videos and webinars for the NextGen-O2k will be generated. Training courses for customers as well as for staff will be developed and offered.


Project Year 1: In year one of the project, we aimed to improve the reproducibility of experimental results and support customers with new developments. Therefore, we created an SOP for the new Q-Module, 6 new manuals and O2k-Videosupport clips for the Q-Module, DatLab7.4, mitochondrial preparations, and TPP+ and ISE electrodes.
Project Year 2: Year 2 proved to be a continuation of the development of SOPs and video clips. A PB-Module manual was released for the algae KOLs and new video clips ranged from basic set-up and quality control to more advanced techniques like the DIC saturation curve using the PB Module.

Progress and next steps

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O2k-Manual.jpg NextGen-O2k Manuals

 » DatLab8.0: CV-Module
 » NextGen-O2k: Q-Module
 » Oxygen flux_analysis - DatLab 7.4
 » Safranin Analysis Template
 » General template for mt-membrane potential analysis
 » H2O2 flux analysis