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OROBOROS support
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O2k-Procedures explain various applications of the O2k with O2k-Demo experiments.

We aim at a fundamental introduction into high-resolution respirometry and the elements of mitochondrial physiology. This mosaic evolves to combine the elements into a picture of modern mitochondrial respiratory physiology, progressively including user-innovation emerging within the O2k-Network.

»Mitochondr Physiol Network and »MiPNet

The Blue Book
» O2k-Procedures: MitoPathways
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» O2k-Demo experiments
Pesta 2012 Methods Mol Biol Fig7A.jpg
» O2k-Analysis
» O2k-Chemicals and media
PBI-Shredder O2k-Set
» O2k-mitochondrial preparations
» O2k-Procedures: Mitochondrial and marker-enzymes

Implement your quality control management with the MitoFit QCS, to diagnose technical problems fast and cost-effectively with instrumental quality control tests.