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Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2022 Archive

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
» Current Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda

Last week

 2022 Week 24
  • Jun- 13 Mo

  • Jun- 14 Tu - World Blood Donor Day

  • Jun- 15 We
The central role of the Q-junction in mitochondria

The Q-junction is a point of convergence in the electron transfer system. Electrons flow from different dehydrogenases and respiratory Complexes into the Q-junction and then downstream to Complex III.
- »Q-junction« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« 

  • Jun- 16 Th

  • Jun- 17 Fr
The final program of Bioblast 2022 at a glance

2022, Jun 29 - 30 *** 8 sessions *** Poster session *** Exhibition *** MiPArt *** Social activities
- »Bioblast_2022 Program overview« 

  • Jun- 18 Sa
Bioenergetics Communications
BEC 2022.1. - The book of abstracts is online

Gnaiger E, Cardoso LHD, Tindle-Solomon L, Cocco P, eds (2022) Bioblast 2022: BEC inaugural conference. https://doi.org/10.26124/bec:2022-0001
- »Bioenerg Commun 2022.1.« 

June 2022

 2022 Week 23
  • Jun- 06 Mo
Bioenergetics Communications Scientific journals apply yesterday's concepts in the various formats of references with bewildering abbreviations of journals, volumes, issues, page numbers. We can do today's job much better using the BEC https-format — in line with DORA.

- »References in BEC https-format — in MitoPedia: BEC

  • Jun- 07 Tu

  • Jun- 08 We - World Brain Tumor Day 2021
»ESCI 2022 Bari IT« Jun 8-10
Erich Gnaiger presenting at ESCI 2022 Bari IT - Bioenergetic cluster analysis – diagnostic evaluation of mitochondrial respiratory control in human fibroblasts

  • Jun- 09 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Are you a beginner or need a refresher on using SUIT protocols with DatLab7.4?

- »O2k-Videosupport: How to perform an experiment with a SUIT DL-Protocol« and »Run DL-Protocol/Set O2 limit in DatLab« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine«

  • Jun- 10 Fr
»ESCI 2022 Bari IT«
Eleonora Baglivo presenting at ESCI 2022 Bari IT - Quality control of mitochondrial respiration medium in high-resolution respirometry with living and permeabilized cells - poster selected for oral presentation

May 2022

 2022 Week 18

  • May- 02 Mo - Lyme Disease Awareness Month
FAT4BRAIN »FAT4BRAIN Workshop IOC151 Innsbruck AT«  May 2-3

  • May- 03 Tu

  • May- 04 We
MitoFit pdf "More systematic profiling of mitochondrial bioenergetic states in the presence and absence of lead molecules or kinase drugs could become an asset for anticipating non-desired off-target drug features."

Torres-Quesada Omar, Strich Sophie, Stefan Eduard (2022) Kinase perturbations redirect mitochondrial function. MitoFit Prep 2022.11. https://doi.org/10.26124/mitofit:2022-0011

from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • May- 05 Th

  • May- 06 Fr
 2022 Week 19
  • May- 09 Mo

  • May- 10 Tu

  • May- 11 We

  • May- 12 Th - International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases
»10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE« May 12-15

  • May- 13 Fr

  • May- 14 Sa
13:15-14:15 (GMT+2): 152nd Oroboros O2k-Workshop: Continuous monitoring of mitochondrial Coenzyme Q redox state integrated in high-resolution respirometry at 10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE
16:30 (GMT+2): Gnaiger Erich presenting at 10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE - The mitochondrial Q-junction and coenzyme Q pools: Continuous monitoring of pull and push control of respiration and redox state of the Q-mimetic CoQ2
Cardoso Luiza HD poster session at at 10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE - Coenzyme Q redox state and respiration in permeabilized HEK 293T cells: coupling and pathway control
 2022 Week 20
  • May- 16 Mo

  • May- 17 Tu
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How do you know which digitonin concentration to use for permeabilization of the cell plasma membrane when performing experiments with the O2k?

SUIT-010 was designed to determine the optimum digitonin concentration for permeabilization of the cell plasma membrane without damaging the mitochondrial outer membrane.
- »Optimum Digitonin concentration and SUIT-010«
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • May- 18 We

  • May- 19 Th
MitoFit pdf "Instrumental QC is a cornerstone for experimental reproducibility."
  • Baglivo E, Cardoso LHD, Cecatto C, Gnaiger E (2022) Statistical analysis of instrumental reproducibility as internal quality control in high-resolution respirometry. MitoFit Preprints 2022.18. https://doi.org/10.26124/mitofit:2022-0018.v2
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • May- 20 Fr
»Long Night of Research 2022 Innsbruck AT«
2022 Week 21
  • May- 23 Mo

  • May- 24 Tu
Do you know the different ways to adjust oxygen concentration in the Oroboros O2k?

- »Setting the oxygen concentration«

  • May- 25 We
O2k-Open SupportTake care Do you load the correct instrumental background correction according to the actual range of experimental O2 concentrations?

Perform and apply the instrumental background test:
- »O2 background correction in DatLab« and »Instrumental oxygen background«

  • May- 26 Th

  • May- 27 Fr

Apr 2022

 2022 Week 14
  • Apr- 04 Mo - April is Parkinson's Awareness Month
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "Early stage α-synuclein pathology does not influence mitochondrial respiration in the striatum and amygdala [of mice]"
  • Burtscher J, Copin JC, Sandi C, Lashuel HA (2020) Pronounced α-synuclein pathology in a seeding-based mouse model is not sufficient to induce mitochondrial respiration deficits in the striatum and amygdala. eNeuro 7:ENEURO.0110-20.2020. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N« and »CH Lausanne Sandi C«

  • Apr- 05 Tu
»VASCage 2022 Innsbruck AT«

  • Apr- 06 We

  • Apr- 07 Th - World Health Day

  • Apr- 08 Fr
 2022 Week 15
  • Apr- 11 Mo - World Parkinson´s Disease Day
Bioenergetics Communications Reviewing cellular models to decipher the mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease
  • Krako Jakovljevic N, Ebanks B, Katyal G, Chakrabarti L, Markovic I, Moisoi N (2021) Mitochondrial homeostasis in cellular models of Parkinson’s disease. Bioenerg Commun 2021.2. https://doi.org/10.26124/bec:2021-0002
from the O2k-Networks »RS Belgrade Lalic NM«, »UK Nottingham Chakrabarti L« and »UK Leicester Moisoi N«

  • Apr- 12 Tu

  • Apr- 13 We

  • Apr- 14 Th
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Did you know that you can apply instrumental O2 background test parameters (i.e., intercept and slope) from an existing file in DatLab?

In the DatLab file, you can copy the Instrumental O2 background test parameters directly via the ‘Copy from file’ option in the ‘Slope configuration’ window. For more information, see: - »Copy from file«
- communicated by »Cecatto Cristiane«

  • Apr- 15 Fr
 2022 Week 16
  • Apr- 18 Mo

  • Apr- 19 Tu
MitoFit pdf "The physiological Human Plasma-Like Media alters proliferative behavior, mitochondrial bioenergetic states and kinase drug sensitivity of cancer cells when compared to classic cell culture media."
  • Torres-Quesada O, Doerrier C, Strich S, Gnaiger E, Stefan E (2022) Human Plasma-Like Media fine-tune mitochondrial function and alter drug sensitivity in cancer cell lines. MitoFit Preprints 2022.8. https://doi.org/10.26124/mitofit:2022-0008
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Apr- 20 We

  • Apr- 21 Th

  • Apr- 22 Fr - Earth Day 2022
 2022 Week 17

  • Apr- 25 Mo
MitoFit pdf "Proline catabolism through ProDH generates sufficient CIII and CIV proton pumping, supporting ATP production by F1FO-ATPase even when CI is inhibited"

Pallag G, Nazarian S, Ravasz D, Bui D, Komlódi T, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E, Seyfried TN, Chinopoulos C (2022) Proline oxidation leading to high electron flow through reduction of ubiquinone supports ATP production by F1FO-ATPase in mitochondria with inhibited Complex I. MitoFit Preprints 2022.1.v3. https://doi.org/10.26124/mitofit:2022-0001.v3

from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros« and »HU Budapest Chinopoulos C«

  • Apr- 26 Tu

  • Apr- 27 We

  • Apr- 28 Th

  • Apr- 29 Fr

Mar 2022

 2022 Week 9
  • Feb- 28 Mo - Rare disease day
EJP-RD logo.png Oroboros Instruments is pleased to collaborate in the CureMILS project

Led by O2k-Network member, Alessandro Prigione, the project aims to employ a novel approach to enable drug discovery for treatment of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)-associated Leigh syndrome (MILS).

- »CureMILS«

  • Mar- 01 Tu - Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Presenting data from a pilot study on mitochondria bioenergetics and PTSD, Alexander Karabatsiakis will join us at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Karabatsiakis Alexander«

  • Mar- 02 We
Bioblast2022 logo.png
NextGen-O2k key opinion leader Tomas Morosinotto has confirmed his talk on Photosynthetic capacity under oscillating light regimes at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Morosinotto Tomas«

  • Mar- 03 Th - World Wildlife Day

  • Mar- 04 Fr
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Luboš Sobotka from Charles University, CZ will present The Crabtree effect and clinical nutrition at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Sobotka Lubos«
2022 Week 10
  • Mar- 07 Mo
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Johnny Stiban from Birzeit University, PS will be presenting Barth Syndrome: A Genetic Ailment with a Lipid Component and Bioenergetic Ramifications at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Stiban Johnny«

  • Mar- 08 Tu - International Women´s Day

  • Mar- 09 We
Bioblast2022 logo.png
From the Medical University Innsbruck, AT we will have Günter Weiss presenting on the linkage of iron availability to mitochondrial function.
Bioblast 2022« , »Weiss Guenter«

  • Mar- 10 Th - World Kidney Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "AT1 receptors and AT2 receptors are expressed in kidney mitochondria and can directly regulate mitochondrial respiration."
  • Friederich-Persson M, Persson P (2020) Mitochondrial angiotensin II receptors regulate oxygen consumption in kidney mitochondria from healthy and type 1 diabetic rats. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 318:F683-88. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »SE Uppsala Liss P«
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Sasanka Chakrabarti has confirmed his Bioblast 2022 presentation on rotenone cytotoxicity on SH-SY5Y cells.
Bioblast 2022« , »Chakrabarti Sasanka«

  • Mar- 11 Fr
Bioblast2022 logo.png
The O2k-Network lab of Stefan Schneeberger at the Medical University Innsbruck, AT will be presenting Pre-transplant mitochondrial respiration as a clinical prognostic marker in liver machine perfusion at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »AT Innsbruck Schneeberger S«
2022 Week 11
  • Mar- 14 Mo
Bioblast2022 logo.png
TissueModels project partner Markus Keller will present Lipidomics of mitochondrial membranes - methods first at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »TissueModels«

  • Mar- 15 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "MDH2 is a metabolic switch rewiring [electron transfer system] and TCA fuelling"
  • Molinié T, Cougouilles E, David C, Cahoreau E, Portais JC, Mourier A (2022) MDH2 produced OAA is a metabolic switch rewiring the fuelling of respiratory chain and TCA cycle. Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenerg 1863:148532. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »FR Bordeaux Mourier A«

  • Mar- 16 We
Dorabadge5.png Bioenergetics Communications has signed the Declaration on Research Assessment DORA. «

  • Mar- 17 Th
Bioblast2022 logo.png
NextGen-O2k key opinion leader Anthony Moore will give a talk on the bioenergetics of alternative oxidases at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Moore Anthony L«

  • Mar- 18 Fr
Paywall journalism is the opposite of Open Access.

Though often defined from the individual reader's perspective, a paywall can also apply to an institution (such as a library) or the author.
- »Paywall journalism« , »Gnaiger (2021) Editorial Bioenerg Commun«

 2022 Week 12
  • Mar- 21 Mo - World Down Syndrome Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap "A correlation between the reduced respiratory activity and the morphological alterations in DS-HFF [Down Syndrome human primary lines of foetal fibroblasts] mitochondria indicates that the occurrence of de-structured cristae might partly account for the dysfunctioning oxidative phosphorylation in trisomic samples"
  • Piccoli C, Izzo A, Scrima R, Bonfiglio F, Manco R, Negri R, Quarato G, Cela O, Ripoli M, Prisco M, Gentile F, Calì G, Pinton P, Conti A, Nitsch L, Capitanio N (2013) Chronic pro-oxidative state and mitochondrial dysfunctions are more pronounced in fibroblasts from Down syndrome foeti with congenital heart defects. Hum Mol Genet 22:1218-32. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »IT Foggia Capitanio N«

  • Mar- 22 Tu
Bioblast2022 logo.png
At Bioblast 2022 Leonid A Sazanov will present Why Complex I - Complex II is complex too.
Bioblast 2022« , »Sazanov Leonid A«

  • Mar- 23 We
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Charles Hoppel will contribute to Bioblast 2022 with his talk on diagnostic monitoring of skeletal mitochondrial metabolism.
Bioblast 2022« , »Hoppel Charles L«

  • Mar- 24 Th - World Tuberculosis Day

  • Mar- 25 Fr
NextGen O2k-FluoRespirometry and Redox
An article about the NextGen-O2k was recently published in six languages on the CORDIS EU website.

- » Read here «

 2022 Week 13
  • Mar- 28 Mo
Bioblast2022 logo.png
At Bioblast 2022, NextGen-O2k key opinion leader Pablo Garcia-Roves will give a talk on methodological issues related CoQ redox state, membrane potential, and high-resolution respirometry in permeabilized muscle fibers.
Bioblast 2022« , »Garcia-Roves Pablo Miguel«

  • Mar- 29 Tu

  • Mar- 30 We
»Mitochondrial Communications Serial Webinar 4 2022 Virtual«  20:00-21:30 (GMT+8)

  • Mar- 31 Th
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Shilpa Iyer has confirmed her contribution Understanding Bioenergetics health index and disease severity in mitochondrial disease fibroblasts to Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »Iyer Shilpa«

  • Apr- 01 Fr - Parkinson´s Awareness Month

Feb 2022

2022 Week 5
  • Jan- 31 Mo

  • Feb- 01 Tu
MitoFit pdf From preprint to journal publication:
  • Vernerova A, Garcia-Souza LF, Soucek O, Kostal M, Rehacek V, Krcmova LK, Gnaiger E, Sobotka O (2021) Mitochondrial respiration of platelets: comparison of isolation methods. Biomedicines 9:1859. doi.org/10.3390/biomedicines9121859
from the O2k-Network »CZ Hradec Kralove Cervinkova Z« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Feb- 02 We

  • Feb- 03 Th

  • Feb- 04 Fr
O2k-brief repository Acute sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium leak increases mitochondrial respiration after simulated sprint interval training
  • Zanou N, Dridi H, Reiken S, Imamura de Lima T, Donnelly C, De Marchi U, Ferrini M, Vidal J, Sittenfeld L, Feige JN, Garcia-Roves PM, Lopez-Mejia IC, Marks AR, Auwerx J, Kayser B, Place N (2021) Acute RyR1 Ca2+ leak enhances NADH-linked mitochondrial respiratory capacity. Nat Commun 12:7219. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N« and »ES Barcelona Garcia-Roves PM«
2022 Week 6
  • Feb- 07 Mo
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Save-the-date: Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference - Jun 28 - Jul 1
Bioblast 2022: Announcements«

  • Feb- 08 Tu
Bioenerg Commun Now accepting living communications for Bioblast 2022 - BEC Inaugural Issue

More details« 

  • Feb- 09 We
Bioenerg Commun 'The scientific literature is exploding in quantity even as it stands still in literary quality.' - Wells WA (2004) Me write pretty one day: how to write a good scientific paper. J Cell Biol 165:757-8. »Bioblast link«

Sequential editions provide an opportunity to improve quality while preventing explosions on quantity. - Gnaiger (2021) Editorial Bioenerg Commun

  • Feb- 10 Th
Alterations in molecular and cellular pathways contribute to skeletal muscle-related symptoms in Covid-19
  • Soares MN, Eggelbusch M, Naddaf E, Gerrits KHL, van der Schaaf M, van den Borst B, Wiersinga WJ, van Vugt M, Weijs PJM, Murray AJ, Wüst RCI (2022) Skeletal muscle alterations in patients with acute Covid-19 and post-acute sequelae of Covid-19. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »NL Amsterdam Wuest RC« and »UK Cambridge Murray AJ« 

Innovationpreis2021 group photo.jpg
© WK Tirol/ Die Fotografen
Oroboros is proud to be one of the top 3 nominees for the Tyrolean Innovation Award for the PhotoBiology-Module.

Following the award ceremony organized by the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, state council member Anton Mattle, responsible for economy and industry in Tyrol, accepted our invitation to the opening ceremony of Bioblast 2022.

PB-Module« , »Bioblast 2022«
 2022 Week 7
  • Feb- 14 Mo - Donor Day
Bioblast2022 logo.png
MitoKIN project partners Eduard Stefan and Omar Torres-Quesada will present Profiling of allosteric kinase inhibitors: a new way to unveil metabolic changes by boosting or preventing mitochondrial function at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »MitoKIN«

  • Feb- 15 Tu - International Childhood Cancer Day
Bioenergetics Communications Another step towards PubMed indexing, the ISSN number for Bioenergetics Communications: 2791-4690
»Submit a manuscript«

  • Feb- 16 We
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Werner Koopman has confirmed his presentation at Bioblast 2022 on mitochondrial targeting using the TPP moiety.
Bioblast 2022« , »Koopman Werner JH«

  • Feb- 17 Th
Tiroler Innovationspreis 2021.jpg Read more about the Tyrolean Innovation Award for which we were a top nominee.
Tiroler Wirtshaft article (German)«

  • Feb- 18 Fr
2022 Week 8
  • Feb- 21 Mo
Bioblast2022 logo.png
The O2k-Network lab of Laszlo Tretter at Semmelweis University in Budapest, HU will be presenting The protonmotive force - not merely membrane potential at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »HU Budapest Tretter L«

  • Feb- 22 Tu

  • Feb- 23 We
Bioblast2022 logo.png
ALAS project partner Thomas Roach will present Oxidative stress in photosynthesis at Bioblast 2022.
Bioblast 2022« , »ALAS«

  • Feb- 24 Th
Bioblast2022 logo.png
Industry partner Incyton will be at Bioblast 2022 with a talk on Long-term monitoring of respiration and morphology of cultured cells.
Bioblast 2022« , »Incyton«

  • Feb- 25 Fr
FAT4BRAIN »FAT4BRAIN 3rd Online ESR Workshop« 

Jan 2022

2022 Week 1
  • Jan- 03 Mo

  • Jan- 04 Tu
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve Do you know which graph layout to choose in DatLab?

Different layouts are required depending on which instrumental quality control or measurement with biological sample is performed. Learn more about Standard layouts provided in DatLab:
- »Layout for DatLab graphs« 
- communicated by »Schmitt Sabine« and »Komlodi Timea«

  • Jan- 05 We

  • Jan- 06 Th

  • Jan- 07 Fr
Oxia: O2 regime controller for HyperOxia to HypOxia in the O2k

- » Learn more here «

2022 Week 2
  • Jan- 10 Mo
Dorabadge5.png Oroboros Instruments supports Bioenergetics Communications.

- » We have signed the Declaration on Research Assessment DORA. «

  • Jan- 11 Tu

  • Jan- 12 We

  • Jan- 13 Th

  • Jan- 14 Fr
2022 Week 3
  • Jan- 17 Mo
Bioenerg Commun 'Assuming a publication charge of € 1200 per article, scientists mentioning mitochondria or photosynthesis pay € 100 000 every day in 2021 for ‘selling’ their output to publishers ― over € 36 Mill per year. ' - Gnaiger (2021) Editorial Bioenerg Commun

  • Jan- 18 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap The process of Lewy body formation in Parkinson's Disease induces mitochondrial deficits
  • Mahul-Mellier AL, Burtscher J, Maharjan N, Weerens L, Croisier M, Kuttler F, Leleu M, Knott GW, Lashuel HA (2020) The process of Lewy body formation, rather than simply α-synuclein fibrillization, is one of the major drivers of neurodegeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117:4971-82. Mahul-Mellier 2020 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N«

  • Jan- 19 We
Bioenerg Commun Elsevier bought Pergamon Press in 1991 for £440m (£919m today) from Robert Maxwell. R Maxwell may be known in relation to financial scandals and to his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell who was convicted on 2021-12-29 linked to several federal crimes including her involvement in a sex-trafficking ring with Jeffrey Epstein, to who's former friends belonged British Prince Andrew, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, or ex-US-presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Due to paywall journals, Open Access in science remains an unfulfilled dream. - Gnaiger (2021) Editorial BEC Living Communication (2022-01-04)

  • Jan- 20 Th
NextGen O2k-FluoRespirometry and Redox
The Q-Module of the NextGen O2k enables electrochemical monitoring of the redox state of the ETS-reactive coenzyme Q pool.

- » Learn more here «

  • Jan- 21 Fr
Bioenerg Commun 'The burden of responsibilities for an urgent change of the academic publishing ecosystem and scientific communication culture must be shared between the shoulders of individual scientists, the backbone of scientific institutions, and the neurology of governmental regulations and funding agencies.' - Gnaiger (2021) Editorial Bioenerg Commun
2022 Week 4
  • Jan- 24 Mo
BEC 2021.3 Oroboros Instruments presents the NextGen-O2k Q-Module at the Q10 Conference:
»10th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association 2022 Hamburg DE« May 12-15
- Poster deadline has been extended to the 6th of February

  • Jan- 25 Tu
MitoFit pdf From preprint to journal publication:
  • Fischer C, Volani C, Komlódi T, Seifert M, Demetz E, Valente de Souza L, Auer K, Petzer V, von Raffay L, Moser P, Gnaiger E, Weiss G (2021) Dietary iron overload and Hfe-/- related hemochromatosis alter hepatic mitochondrial function. Antioxidants 10:1818. doi.org/10.3390/antiox10111818
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Jan- 26 We
NextGen O2k-FluoRespirometry and Redox
Measure photosynthesis and light enhanced dark respiration with the PB-Module of the NextGen O2k.

- » Learn more here «

  • Jan- 27 Th

  • Jan- 28 Fr
Bioblast Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda and Bioblast alert consider to refrain from propagating scientific publications in paywall and predatory journals. A definition is required of paywall and predatory journals. Paywall and predatory journals are not the future of scientific communication.

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