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6.3. Β«10+5Β»
Porter Richard K
Karavyraki M, Gnaiger E, Porter Richard K (2022) A comparison of bioenergetics in human tongue pre-cancerous dysplastic oral keratinocytes and squamous cancer cells.
Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference. In: https://doi.org/10.26124/bec:2022-0001
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Link: Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference

Karavyraki Marilena, Gnaiger Erich, Porter Richard K (2022)

Event: Bioblast 2022

In an endeavour to understand the metabolic phenotype behind oral squamous cell carcinomas [1], we characterised the bioenergetic profile of a human tongue derived cancer cell line (SCC-4 cells) and compared this profile to a pre-cancerous dysplastic oral keratinocyte (DOK) cell line also derived from human tongue. The human SCC-4 cancer cells had greater mitochondrial density but lower mitochondrial O2 flow per cell JO2 than DOK cells. The lower cell JO2 in SCC-4 cells can be partially explained by lower NADH-related enzymatic activity when compared to pre-cancerous DOK cells. In addition, SCC-4 cells have greater extracellular acidification rate (an index of glycolytic flux) when compared to DOK cells. In addition, treatment with recombinant human IL-6 (rhIL-6), known to drive anoikis resistance in SCC-4 cells but not DOK cells, impairs oxygen consumption in SCC-4 but not DOK cells, without affecting mitochondrial density. We conclude that SCC-4 cells have a less oxidative phenotype compared to DOK cells and that IL-6 attenuates mitochondrial function in SCC-4 cells while increasing glycolytic flux.

  1. Karavyraki M, Porter RK (2022) Evidence of a role for interleukin-6 in anoikis resistance in oral squamous cell carcinoma. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12032-022-01664-5

β€’ Keywords: Oral Squamous Cancer Cells, Mitochondria, Interleukin 6, Dysplastic oral keratinocytes, Oxygen consumption β€’ Bioblast editor: Plangger M

Affiliations and support

Marilena Karavyraki1, Erich Gnaiger2, Richard K Porter1
  1. School of Biochemistry, Trinity Biomedical Science Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - rkporter@tcd.ie
  2. Oroboros Instruments, Innsbruck, Austria
Acknowledgements: Marie Curie Grant TRACT 721906 H2020-MCSA-ITN 2016; COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE (2016-2021).

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Labels: MiParea: Respiration  Pathology: Cancer 

Organism: Human 

Preparation: Permeabilized cells  Enzyme: Complex I, Marker enzyme, TCA cycle and matrix dehydrogenases  Regulation: Aerobic glycolysis  Coupling state: LEAK, ROUTINE, ET  Pathway: S, ROX  HRR: Oxygraph-2k  Event: B2  Crabtree effect 

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