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"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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1PM&#59;2D&#59;3G&#59;4U&#59;5S&#59;6Rot- +1PM&#59;2D&#59;3G&#59;4U&#59;5S&#59;6Rot-  +
A Rahim NB +A Rahim NB  +, A Rahim NB  +, A Rahim NB  +
ACS Infect Dis +ACS Infect Dis  +
APL Bioeng +APL Bioeng  +
AR Buenos Aires Boveris A +AR Buenos Aires Boveris A  +, AR Buenos Aires Boveris A  +
AT Graz Graier W +AT Graz Graier W  +, AT Graz Graier W  +
AT Graz Zechner R +AT Graz Zechner R  +, AT Graz Zechner R  +
AT Innsbruck Burgstaller W +AT Innsbruck Burgstaller W  +, AT Innsbruck Burgstaller W  +
AT Innsbruck Burtscher M +AT Innsbruck Burtscher M  +, AT Innsbruck Burtscher M  +
AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E +AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E  +, AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E  +
AT Innsbruck Jansen-Duerr P +AT Innsbruck Jansen-Duerr P  +, AT Innsbruck Jansen-Duerr P  +
AT Innsbruck MitoFit +AT Innsbruck MitoFit  +, AT Innsbruck MitoFit  +
AT Innsbruck Oroboros +AT Innsbruck Oroboros  +, AT Innsbruck Oroboros  +
AT Kolsass WGT +AT Kolsass WGT  +, AT Kolsass WGT  +
AT Salzburg Breitenbach M +AT Salzburg Breitenbach M  +, AT Salzburg Breitenbach M  +
AT Salzburg Sperl W +AT Salzburg Sperl W  +, AT Salzburg Sperl W  +
AT Vienna Bittner RE +AT Vienna Bittner RE  +, AT Vienna Bittner RE  +
AT Vienna Kozlov AV +AT Vienna Kozlov AV  +, AT Vienna Kozlov AV  +
ATP synthase +ATP synthase  +
ATPases +ATPases  +
AU Chermside Molenaar P +AU Chermside Molenaar P  +, AU Chermside Molenaar P  +
AU Clayton St John J +AU Clayton St John J  +, AU Clayton St John J  +
AU Melbourne Bond S +AU Melbourne Bond S  +, AU Melbourne Bond S  +
AU Melbourne Coughlan M +AU Melbourne Coughlan M  +, AU Melbourne Coughlan M  +
AU Melbourne Hardee JP +AU Melbourne Hardee JP  +, AU Melbourne Hardee JP  +
AU Melbourne Stepto NK +AU Melbourne Stepto NK  +, AU Melbourne Stepto NK  +
AU Melbourne Thouas G +AU Melbourne Thouas G  +, AU Melbourne Thouas G  +
AU Melbourne Trounce IA +AU Melbourne Trounce IA  +, AU Melbourne Trounce IA  +
AU Perth Filipovska A +AU Perth Filipovska A  +, AU Perth Filipovska A  +
AU Queensland Neuzil J +AU Queensland Neuzil J  +, AU Queensland Neuzil J  +
AU Queensland Peart J +AU Queensland Peart J  +, AU Queensland Peart J  +
AU St Lucia Coombes J +AU St Lucia Coombes J  +, AU St Lucia Coombes J  +
AU Sydney Ballard JW +AU Sydney Ballard JW  +, AU Sydney Ballard JW  +
AU Sydney James D +AU Sydney James D  +, AU Sydney James D  +
AU Sydney Philp A +AU Sydney Philp A  +, AU Sydney Philp A  +
AU Sydney Stocker R +AU Sydney Stocker R  +, AU Sydney Stocker R  +
Aare S +Aare S  +, Aare S  +, Aare S  +
Aarsland A +Aarsland A  +, Aarsland A  +, Aarsland A  +
Aasander Frostner E +Aasander Frostner E  +, Aasander Frostner E  +, Aasander Frostner E  +
Aasum E +Aasum E  +, Aasum E  +, Aasum E  +
Ab Rani N +Ab Rani N  +, Ab Rani N  +, Ab Rani N  +
Abadi A +Abadi A  +
Abd Rasid AF +Abd Rasid AF  +, Abd Rasid AF  +, Abd Rasid AF  +
Abdel-Rahman EA +Abdel-Rahman EA  +, Abdel-Rahman EA  +, Abdel-Rahman EA  +
Abdelaal A +Abdelaal A  +, Abdelaal A  +, Abdelaal A  +
Abdul Karim N +Abdul Karim N  +, Abdul Karim N  +, Abdul Karim N  +
Abendstein B +Abendstein B  +, Abendstein B  +, Abendstein B  +
Abla H +Abla H  +, Abla H  +, Abla H  +
Abrams GA +Abrams GA  +
Abu Hamed R +Abu Hamed R  +, Abu Hamed R  +, Abu Hamed R  +
Abu irqeba Suomia +Abu irqeba Suomia  +, Abu irqeba Suomia  +, Abu irqeba Suomia  +
Abuja PM +Abuja PM  +, Abuja PM  +, Abuja PM  +
Abumrad NA +Abumrad NA  +, Abumrad NA  +, Abumrad NA  +
Achten J +Achten J  +, Achten J  +, Achten J  +
Acta Biochim Pol +Acta Biochim Pol  +
Acta Diabetol +Acta Diabetol  +
Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars) +Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars)  +
Acta Neuropathol +Acta Neuropathol  +
Acta Neuropathol Commun +Acta Neuropathol Commun  +
Acta Pharm Sin B +Acta Pharm Sin B  +
Acta Physiol (Oxf) +Acta Physiol (Oxf)  +
Acta Physiol Scand +Acta Physiol Scand  +
Acta Trop +Acta Trop  +
Acta Vet Brno +Acta Vet Brno  +
Acuna-Castroviejo D +Acuna-Castroviejo D  +, Acuna-Castroviejo D  +, Acuna-Castroviejo D  +
Adam V +Adam V  +, Adam V  +, Adam V  +
Adam-Vizi V +Adam-Vizi V  +, Adam-Vizi V  +, Adam-Vizi V  +
Adams SH +Adams SH  +, Adams SH  +, Adams SH  +
Additive effect of convergent electron flow +Additive effect of convergent electron flow  +, Additive effect of convergent electron flow  +
Adiele RC +Adiele RC  +, Adiele RC  +, Adiele RC  +
Adipocyte +Adipocyte  +
Adv Enzymol Relat Subj Biochem +Adv Enzymol Relat Subj Biochem  +
Adv Exp Med Biol +Adv Exp Med Biol  +
Adv Sci +Adv Sci  +
Adv Sci (Weinh) +Adv Sci (Weinh)  +
Adv Ther (Weinh) +Adv Ther (Weinh)  +
Afrin S +Afrin S  +, Afrin S  +, Afrin S  +
Agbas A +Agbas A  +, Agbas A  +, Agbas A  +
Aging (Albany NY) +Aging (Albany NY)  +
Aging Cell +Aging Cell  +
Aging Dis +Aging Dis  +
Agostini M +Agostini M  +, Agostini M  +, Agostini M  +
Agr Forest Meteorol +Agr Forest Meteorol  +
Agrimi G +Agrimi G  +, Agrimi G  +, Agrimi G  +
Aguirre J +Aguirre J  +, Aguirre J  +, Aguirre J  +
Ahn B +Ahn B  +, Ahn B  +, Ahn B  +
Ahn J +Ahn J  +, Ahn J  +, Ahn J  +
Ahn SY +Ahn SY  +, Ahn SY  +, Ahn SY  +
Ahting Uwe +Ahting Uwe  +
Aid-Vanakova J +Aid-Vanakova J  +, Aid-Vanakova J  +, Aid-Vanakova J  +
Aierken M +Aierken M  +, Aierken M  +, Aierken M  +
Ainza C +Ainza C  +, Ainza C  +, Ainza C  +
Ait-Belgnaoui A +Ait-Belgnaoui A  +, Ait-Belgnaoui A  +, Ait-Belgnaoui A  +
Akcali KC +Akcali KC  +, Akcali KC  +, Akcali KC  +
Akude E +Akude E  +, Akude E  +, Akude E  +
Al Shahrani M +Al Shahrani M  +, Al Shahrani M  +, Al Shahrani M  +
Alam M +Alam M  +
Alan L +Alan L  +, Alan L  +, Alan L  +
Alberch J +Alberch J  +, Alberch J  +, Alberch J  +