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List of data bases

Mitochondrial genomics and protein data bases

Selecting some examples including reports, in an order that does not reflect priorities:

Anthropometric and ergonomic data bases

Bioinformatics services


MitoFit - hot topics 2016

ยป MitoFit Workshop Blood Cells 2016-01

In construction

ยป MitoFit Quality Control System

Track record

Lemawork Katema training in Kuehtai

MitoCom Tyrol

Lemawork Ketema, winner of the โ€œWings for Life โ€“ World Runโ€œ 2014 and 2015, at the Hรถhenleistungszentrum in Kรผhtai, where he has been training for the Rio marathon. From left to right: Lemawork Ketema, Erich Gnaiger (OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS), Verena Laner (OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS) and Andreas Brix (Hรถhenleistungszentrum Kรผhtai)
ยป altitude training in Kuehtai - 2020 m and more.
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