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Workflow and work plan


Programme in progress

  • Tony Moore: AOX and Q
  • Peter Rich: Cyclic Voltammetry, Q redox chemistry
  • Christos Chinopoulos: Different quinone pools in the mitochondrira
Behaviour of the quinone pools in anoxia
  • Timea Komlodi: Electron supply to the Q-junction.
Latest data with CV connected to the O2k.
  • Maria Huete-Ortega: Preliminary data with algae on Q.
  • 20th of November: Understand the basics: CV, quinones and Q-electrode
  • Peter Rich: Cyclic voltammetry and Q electrode with demo experiment
  • Peter Rich: How quinones organised in the respiratory system, how they react with specific complexes, in which situations the reporter quinone might be expected to mimic the behaviour of the endogenous quinone, and examples where it has been successfully used.
  • Christos Chinopoulos: Different quinone sources of the mitochondria
  • 21th of November: Application of the Q-electrode
  • Tony Moore: AOX in plants and transgenic mice and the extent to which activity in both is regulatd by changes in steady-state Q redox poise.
  • Maria Huete-Ortega: Preliminary data with algae using Q-electrode. Regulation of AOX by the steady state of Q redox poise.
  • Timea Komlodi: Electron supply to the Q-junction in isolated mouse brain mitochondria. Additivity?
  • Christos Chinopoulos: Vast pools of endogenous quinones sustain NADH oxidation by complex I during anoxia, supporting substrate-level phosphorylation in mouse liver mitochondria
  • 22th of November: Alternative: CV and Q-electrode linked questions


  • Tony Moore: arrival: 19.11. 17:20; departure: 22.11. 12:00
  • Peter Rich: arrival: 19.11. 17:20; departure: 22.11. 12:00
  • Christos Chinopoulos: arrival: 19.11. in the afternoon by car; departure: 22.11. ~09:00
  • Alena ZΓ­kova: arrical: 20.11 night; departure: 23.11. after noon
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