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Β» Respiratory states: find synonyms, historically used and controversial terms
Β» SUIT_protocol_library#List_of_SUIT_protocols_with_D-numbers

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Bioblast wiki

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Originally MitoPedia expressed the concept of the Bioblast wiki in general. Then the previous page 'MitoPedia' received the term Bioblast info (2014-05-16). The former pages 'MitoPedia Glossaries' or 'Bioblast Glossaries' are now the MitoPedia (2014-11-18).

Miller GA (1991) The science of words. Scientific American Library, New York: 276 pp.
  • "People who know a word can share the idea with other members of their group, and a shared vocabulary is part of the glue that holds people together and allows them to create a shared culture.""" (p 5)
  • "Definitions always leak at the margins, whre experts delight in posing counterexamples for their peers to ponder. Fortunately, the typical cases are clear enough that a little fuzziness around the edges does not interfere with the larger picture." (p 31)
  • "The simplest notion of a lexicon holds that it is a collection of words, with associated information about each word. As more and more information is added about each word, the lexicon rapidly becomes a major repository of knowledge." (p 32)
  • "Definitions play an important role in any theory of meaning, but a definition is not a meaning; meanings are concepts in the minds of people, .." (p 153)
  • Definitions can help someone learn a new term for a familiar concept, or refine a concept they already have, or discover a relation between concepts." (p 154)
  • "Writing definitions is a difficult and little-appreciated art." (p 155)
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