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* '''Jul-14 Tu'''
| width="100" align="center" |[[Image:O2k-Publications.jpg|70px|link=http://wiki.oroboros.at/index.php/O2k-Publications:_Topics |O2k-Publications in the MiPMap]]
|''' Aluminum directly inhibits alternative oxidase pathway and changes metabolic and redox parameters on ''Jatropha curcas'' cell culture'''<br>
:from the O2k-Network »[[BR Ribeirao Preto Alberici LC]]«
*Vicentini TM, Cavalheiro AH, Dechandt CRP, Alberici LC, Vargas-Rechia CG (2019) Aluminum directly inhibits alternative oxidase pathway and changes metabolic and redox parameters on ''Jatropha curcas'' cell culture. Plant Physiol Biochem 136:92-97. [[Vicentini 2019 Plant Physiol Biochem|»Bioblast link«]]
* '''Jul-21 Tu'''
* '''Jul-21 Tu'''

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O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Did you know that the proper use of TIP2k-Filter Papers may avoid an unstable O2 slope neg. signal during Instrumental background correction?

- »Instrumental background« and »TIP2k Filter Papers«

See the scheme:

Agenda/Alerts body text format

Bioblast alert 2020

Prep for circular done here: Talk:Bioblast alert 2020

MitoPedia alert


  • Jul-09 Th (to be confirmed)
Do you know the different ways to adjust oxygen concentration in the Oroboros O2k?

- » Setting the oxygen concentration«

  • Jul-23 Th (to be confirmed)
Do you use the cytochrome c test to check the integrity of the mitochondrial outer membrane in your mitochondrial preparations?

- » Cytochrome c test«

  • Jul-30 Th (to be confirmed)
Do you know what is Chlororespiration in plant cells?

- » Chlororespiration«

O2k-Brief alert


O2k-Publications alert


  • Jul-21 Tu
  • Jul-28 Tu

World Hepatitis Day

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Hepatitis C virus protein expression is related to changes in mitochondrial respiration
from the O2k-Network »IT Foggia Capitanio N« 
  • Ripoli M, D'Aprile A, Quarato G, Sarasin-Filipowicz M, Gouttenoire J, Scrima R, Cela O, Boffoli D, Heim MH, Moradpour D, Capitanio N, Piccoli C (2009) Hepatitis C virus-linked mitochondrial dysfunction promotes hypoxia-inducible factor 1α-mediated glycolytic adaptation. J Virol 84:647-60. »Bioblast link«

O2k-Open Support alert


  • While in Home Office: Gnaigere (talk) 14:03, 19 March 2020 (CET) https://wiki.oroboros.at/index.php/Talk:O2k-Open_Support_alert - Many labs will move to home office mode. In line with our special DL7.4 home office offer (see Agenda today), therefore, I suggest to post in our Agenda analysis-linked O2k-Open Support cases during this time, and collect real-time operation cases for future releases.

  • Jul-13 Mo
O2k-Open SupportInfo: improve How can I compare my experiments before normalizing my data, e.g. before determining the protein concentration of my samples?

The flux control ratios (FCR) can be used to analyse data even when the normalization is not yet available. Learn more how to use this option in DatLab 7.4 Excel Template.
- »Flux control ratio« and »FCR calculation in DatLab 7.4«

Removed for correction

O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Do you perform the leaky chamber test after chamber assembly?

An unnoticed leak from the chamber may affect your data, therefore we recommend performing the Leaky chamber test - especially after chamber reassembly.
- »Leaky chamber test« and » https://intern.oroboros.at/index.php/Overnight_test_after_O2k-chamber_assembly«

O2k-Open Support alert circulars

O2k-Open Support alert circular 2020(01): in prep

New O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data A damaged OroboPOS-Holder may cause medium to leak from the O2k-Chamber.

See how you can check that the two blue OroboPOS-Holders are intact.
- »O2k-OroboPOS-Holder«

New O2k-Open SupportTake care Calibration parameters are transferred to experimental DatLab files

Save calibration information from selected Marks while DatLab is connected to the O2k during an instrumental calibration run. Air calibration and zero oxygen calibration can be performed and saved in a single DatLab file or in separate DatLab files.
- » Oxygen calibration - DatLab«

O2k-Open SupportWarning: loss of data Do you perform O2k-Chamber volume calibration?

The volume calibration is essential to ensure that the chamber volume is correctly calibrated to its standard volume of 2 mL (or 0.5 mL for the O2k-sV-Module).
- »O2k-Chamber MitoPedia«

O2k-Open SupportTake care Do you use the correct O2 solubility factor (FM) in the ‘O2 calibration’ window in DatLab?

The O2 solubility factor varies according to the medium used and influences the air calibration.
- »Oxygen solubility factor«

In preparation

For discussion

Here we discuss suggestions for the Oroboros Ecosystem Agenda 2020 (if the specific alert section is yet to be attributed)
MitoPedia: SUIT Controlled stability of the MitoKit-CII based on HPLC and LCMS analysis: No degradation of MitoKit-CII compounds MitoKit-CII/Succinate-nv (NV118) and MitoKit-CII/Malonate-nv (NV161) for following storage conditions:
  • Proven -80 °C solid stability for more than 3 years (3 years 7 months)
  • Proven -20 °C solid stability for 1 year
  • Proven DMSO stability at room temperature for 1 week
  • Proven DMSO stability at -20 °C for 6 months (ongoing)


Postponed events

 »APS2020 Chicago US«
O2k-Workshops San Diego CA US