SHVM 2021 Virtual

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SHVM 2021 Virtual

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Virtual, 2021 Sept 23-24. 1st Virtual Meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (SHVM)

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Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (2021-09-23) MitoGlobal

Abstract: 1st virtual meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (SHVM), Virtual, 2021


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Oroboros at SHVM 2021 Virtual

September 23rd 18:30-18:45 (GMT+2): Cardoso Luiza presents on behalf of Gnaiger Erich:
Coenzyme Q redox state and high-resolution respirometry: Novel perspectives for mitochondrial diagnostics.

September 23rd 20:00 (GMT+2): Komlodi Timea presents:
Hydrogen peroxide production, mitochondrial membrane potential and the redox state of the coenzyme Q measured at tissue normoxia and hyperoxia in heart mitochondria.
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