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Run DL-Protocol/Set O2 limit
Additional label DatLab  + , DL7  +
Description '''DL-Protocols''' (DLP) can be selected i
'''DL-Protocols''' (DLP) can be selected in DatLab 7 in the pull-down menu 'Protocol': Set DL-Protocol / O2 limit. A DL-Protocol defines the sequence of [[Events - DatLab |Events]] and [[Marks - DatLab |Marks]]. Linked to DL-Protocols are templates for storing exported data in a database and for data analysis. A DL-Protocol can be assigned to O2k-Chamber A or B, or both. Instrumental DL-Protocols are used for calibrations and instrumental quality control, without experimental sample in the incubation medium. DL-Protocols for [[substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration]]s (see [[MitoPedia: SUIT]]) provide a guide through a sequence of [[coupling control state]]s and [[Electron transfer-pathway state]]s. The Titration-Injection-microPump [[TIP2k]] can be programmed for automatic control of titration steps in a DL-Protocol. A library of evaluated and tested standard DL-Protocols is provided. A '''Lower O2 limit [µM]''' can be defined for each chamber, to trigger an automatic warning when the experimental O2 concentration declines below this limit as a WARNING to remind the user that re-oxygenation of the medium may be required. Users can edit titration volumes and concentrations in the Overview window of a DL-protocol, save the overview, and export the file as a user-specific DL-Protocol [File / Export / A or B: Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU)].
A or B: Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU)].  +
Has title [[Image:MitoPedia-text.jpg|right|70px|link=MitoPedia|MitoPedia]] Online documentation of DL-Protocol function of DatLab7.  +
Instrument and method O2k-Fluorometer  + , O2k-FluoRespirometer  +
MiP area Instruments;methods  +
MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry DatLab  +
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Run DL-Protocol/Set O2 limit  +
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