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Oxygraph-2k innovations for highest quality - user-friendly - low running costs

O2k-Titration Set

Syringe Racks
New: Syringe Racks & Tube Racks
New: O2k-Videosupport

O2k and HRR

 » makes the difference

  • OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS participates in two HORIZON 2020 funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie projects:
  • TRACTTraining in Cancer mechanisms and Therapeutics: PhD network focussed on the three critical areas: biomarker discovery, molecular resistance mechanisms and metabolic transformation mechanisms in oral and oesophageal cancer. More details?


569 O2k-Network Labs from all over the world joined for O2k high-resolution respirometry

» With Cuba, Israel, Mexico and Malaysia, the O2k is now applied in 49 countries.

Anthony Hickey
  • Scientific discussion - O2k vs XFe:

Tony Hickey: Calibration is my chief concern

CVM PATIENTIA - with patience

Ouroboros represents many things, including totality, the cycle of life, and the union of opposites. "Cum patientia" sums up the struggle between self-knowledge and self-deception.

» Recent O2k-Publications
Did you know: You can search for mitochondrial preparations - such as permeabilized tissue, where 525 references are listed.

  • Lemieux H, Blier PU, Gnaiger E (2017) Remodeling pathway control of oxidative phosphorylation by temperature in the heart. bioRxiv doi10.1101/103457. - »Bioblast link«
This article was posted on the preprint server BioRxiv. Further details: Preprints for Gentle Science

New O2k-topic: Cryopreservation

OROBOROS brings high-resolution respirometry to you

Impressum, OROBOROS track, Editorial board


Many O2k-Network Labs use multiple O2k-units as a ‘Power-O2k System’ of high-resolution respirometry for high output: Power-O2k •• O2k versus multiwell respirometer

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