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Citreoviridin is an inhibitor of the ATP synthase which, differently from the FO subunit binding inhibitor oligmycin, binds to the F1 subunit of the ATP synthase.

Reference: Linnett 1978 Biochem J

Application in HRR

Citreoviridin - Cayman Chemical Company: item number 11319.
Citreoviridin was tested as an alternative to oligomycin and has been used at 20 Β΅M concentration to inhibit respiration in intact human glioma T98G cells to the same extent as oligomycin (Ruas 2016 PLOS_ONE.) In isolated mitochonria from rat liver and ox heart it fully inhibited ADP-stimulated respiration at sub-micromolar concentrations (Linnett 1978 Biochem J]).

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