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de Lourdes Jorge G, Dos Reis Tártaro R, Fazzio Escanhoela CA, Boin IFSF (2017) Later evaluation of ischemia and reperfusion by the Pringle maneuver in Wistar rats, demonstrating that hepatic lesions can be reversible. Transplant Proc 49:898-901.

» PMID: 28457421 Open Access

de Lourdes Jorge G, Dos Reis Tartaro R, Fazzio Escanhoela CA, Boin IFSF (2017) Transplant Proc

Abstract: There has been much research on hepatic ischemia and reperfusion by means of short or longer interruption of the portal triad. The aim of this work was to evaluate the mitochondrial respiratory activity and liver histology at 2 different times after the Pringle maneuver.

Twenty-eight male Wistar rats, weighing ∼308 g, with histologic and mitochondrial study: immediate ischemic group (IIG; 40 minutes; 9 animals) and late ischemic group (LIG; 28 days; 9 animals). The rats were anesthetized and underwent a U-incision in the abdomen. In a simulated operation, manipulation of the hepatic pedicle was performed (5 animals immediate [ISG] and 5 late [LSG]). The hepatic pedicle was clamped for 20 minutes of ischemia followed by 20 minutes of reperfusion. The animals were killed under anesthesia.

Mitochondria when stimulated by adenosine diphosphate or carbonylcyanide p-trifluoromethoxyphenylhydrazone had a significant respiratory reduction (P < .001). The respiratory control ratio in the LIG was altered (P < .02) compared with IIG. In the resting state, there was no change in the velocity of respiration between ischemic groups. Histopathologic findings showed 55.5% sinusoidal dilatation in IIG and 66.6% in LIG; 77.7% ballooning in IIG and 55.5% in LIG; and 11.1% focal necrosis in both IIG and LIG.

The oxidative phosphorylation system recovered with improvement in mitochondrial respiration; however, morphologic recovery was associated with the type and intensity of injury.

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