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Diabetes Care

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Gancheva 2022 Diabetes CareGancheva S, Kahl S, Pesta D, Mastrototaro L, Dewidar B, Strassburger K, Sabah E, Esposito I, Weiß J, Sarabhai T, Wolkersdorfer M, Fleming T, Nawroth P, Zimmermann M, Reichert AS, Schlensak M, Roden M (2022) Impaired hepatic mitochondrial capacity in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis associated with type 2 diabetes. Care 45:928-37. PMID: 35113139
Zweck 2021 Diabetes CareZweck E, Scheiber D, Jelenik T, Bönner F, Horn P, Pesta D, Schultheiss HP, Boeken U, Akhyari P, Lichtenberg A, Kelm M, Roden M, Westenfeld R, Szendroedi J (2021) Exposure to type 2 diabetes provokes mitochondrial impairment in apparently healthy human hearts. Diabetes Care 44:e82-e84.2021PMID: 33972315
Timmers 2016 Diabetes CareTimmers S, de Ligt M, Phielix E, van de Weijer T, Hansen J, Moonen-Kornips E, Schaart G, Kunz I, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen-Hinderling VB, Schrauwen P (2016) Resveratrol as add-on therapy in subjects with well-controlled type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care 39:2211-17.2016PMID: 27852684 Open Access
Jørgensen 2002 Diabetes CareJørgensen ME, Bjeregaard P, Borch-Johnsen K (2002) Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance among the inuit population of Greenland. Diabetes Care 25: 1766-1771.2002PMID: 12351475 Open Access