Internal flow

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Internal flow


Within the system boundaries, irreversible internal flows, Ii,β€”including chemical reactions and the dissipation of internal gradients of heat and matterβ€”contribute to internal entropy production, diS/dt. In contrast, external flows, Ie, of heat, work, and matter proceed reversibly across the system boundaries (of zero thickness). Flows are expressed in various formats per unit of time, with corresponding motive units [MU], such as chemical [mol], electrical [C], mass [kg]. Flow is an extensive quantity, in contrast to flux as a specific quantity.

Abbreviation: Ii [MUΒ·s-1]

Reference: Gnaiger 1993 Pure Appl Chem

Last update by Gnaiger E 2019-01-04

MitoPedia concepts: MiP concept, Ergodynamics 

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