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J Dev Orig Health Dis

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Journal title and website Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease


Bytautiene 2018 J Dev Orig Health DisBytautiene Prewit E, Porter C, La Rosa M, Bhattarai N, Yin H, Gamble P, Kechichian T, Sidossis LS (2018) Adipose tissue uncoupling protein 1 levels and function are increased in a mouse model of developmental obesity induced by maternal exposure to high-fat diet. J Dev Orig Health Dis 9:401-8.2018PMID: 29769150
Khamoui 2018 J Dev Orig Health DisKhamoui AV, Desai M, Ross MG, Rossiter HB (2018) Sex-specific effects of maternal and postweaning high-fat diet on skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration. J Dev Orig Health Dis 16:1-8.2018PMID: 30111387