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Name Lurette Olivier,
Institution Department of Biology.

Université de Moncton, Campus de Moncton, CA

Address 18, Avenue Antonine Maillet, E1A 3E9
City Moncton
State/Province New Brunswick (NB)
Country Canada
O2k-Network Lab CA Moncton Hebert-Chatelain E



Djeungoue-Petga 2019 Cell Death Dis2019Djeungoue-Petga MA, Lurette O, Jean S, Hamel-Côté G, Martín-Jiménez R, Bou M, Cannich A, Roy P, Hebert-Chatelain E (2019) Intramitochondrial Src kinase links mitochondrial dysfunctions and aggressiveness of breast cancer cells. Cell Death Dis 10:940.


Hebert-Chatelain 2019a MiP20192019
Etienne Herbert Chatelain
Src kinase slows down mitochondrial fission and OXPHOS via phosphorylation of ATP5B.