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Name Mansson Roland,
Institution Laboratory for Experimental Brain Research, Wallenberg Neuroscience

Center, BMC A13

Address 84 Lund, SE-221
City Lund
Country Sweden
O2k-Network Lab SE Lund Elmer E



Morota 2009 Exp Neurol2009Morota S, Månsson R, Hansson Magnus J, Kasuya K, Shimazu M, Hasegawa E, Yanagi S, Omi A, Uchino H, Elmér E (2009) Evaluation of putative inhibitors of mitochondrial permeability transition for brain disorders-specificity vs. toxicity. Exp Neurol 218:353-62.
Hansson 2008 Free Radic Biol Med2008Hansson Magnus J, Månsson R, Morota S, Uchino H, Kallur T, Sumi T, Ishii N, Shimazu M, Keep MF, Jegorov A, Elmér E (2008) Calcium-induced generation of reactive oxygen species in brain mitochondria is mediated by permeability transition. Free Radic Biol Med 45:284-94.


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