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Krischek 2019 Meat SciPMID: 30849688Krischek C, Popp J, Sharifi AR (2019) Biochemical alterations in the Musculus triceps brachii and Musculus longissimus thoracis during early postmortem period in pigs. Meat Sci 152:121-26.2019
Werner 2010 Meat SciPMID: 20374876Werner C, Natter R, Schellander K, Wicke M (2010) Mitochondrial respiratory activity in porcine longissimus muscle fibers of different pig genetics in relation to their meat quality. Meat Sci 85:127-33.2010
Tang 2006 Meat SciPMID: 22063055Tang J, Faustman C, Mancini RA, Seyfert M, Hunt MC (2006) The effects of freeze-thaw and sonication on mitochondrial oxygen consumption, electron transport chain-linked metmyoglobin reduction, lipid oxidation, and oxymyoglobin oxidation. Meat Sci 74:510-5.2006