NextGen-O2k Project management

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NextGen-O2k Project management


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP6: Project management


The aim of this workpackage is to effectively monitor the project, in administrative, legal, technical and financial terms to reach the defined objectives, and ensure its progress according to the time and budget plan.


Project Year 1: The NextGen-O2k project was successfully started in June 2019. During the first year, the project administration, development, risk and quality control were effectively managed. With close collaboration and regular meetings, the 6 deliverables due were satisfactorily submitted by the end of the first project year.
Project Year 2: In the second year of the project, the project continued to be effectively managed. Six deliverables were successfully completed and submitted and three milestones were met by the end of the project extension.

Progress and next steps

Snapshot before the pitch in Brussels

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