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NextGen-O2k Project management


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP6: Project management


The aim of this workpackage is to effectively monitor the project, in administrative, legal, technical and financial terms to reach the defined objectives, and ensure its progress according to the time and budget plan.


Project Year 1: The NextGen-O2k project was successfully started in June 2019. During the first year, the project administration, development, risk and quality control were effectively managed. With close collaboration and regular meetings, the 6 deliverables due were satisfactorily submitted by the end of the first project year.

Progress and next steps

Snapshot before the pitch in Brussels
2020-05-31: End of first project year
2020-05-29: Deliverable 5.2 'Intermediate communication plan' submitted
2020-03-13: Deliverable 5.1 'Website' submitted
2020-03-05: Project partner meeting with WGT and H-Tech @ Oroboros Instruments
2020-02: We are expanding our team for more power, check the open positions out: Careers.
2020-01-31: Deliverable 1.1 'Integration of the Q-Module' submitted
2019-11-30: Deliverable 7.1 ‘A – Requirement No. 3’ submitted
2019-11-25: NextGen-O2k half 6-month meeting with the Oroboros Team and our competent partners, WGT-Elektronik GmbH and H-Tech, including a social event: visit to Galerie Maier( and joint Christmas dinner ( What an amazing evening!
2019-07-31: Deliverable 7.2 ‘EPQ – Requirement No. 5’ submitted
2019-06-01: Start of the NextGen-O2k project
2019-05-29: Grant Agreement signed
2019-05-17: NextGen-O2k celebration with our partners SH-Tech and WGT-Elektronik GmbH at Forellenhof Haggen in Kühtai, AT
2019-03-06: Information received from the EU that our project got funded
2019-02-15: Erich Gnaiger, Carolina Doerrier and Verena Laner are pitching for the NextGen-O2k project
2019-02-04: Brussels is calling for the pitch!

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