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Core Group

The Core Group is typically composed of the Action Chair, Vice Chair, Grant Holder Scientific Representative, WG Leaders, STSM and TS coordinators and any other horizontal role (i.e. about 10-12 persons). The CG meets to take decisions on behalf of the MC (if the CG has the formal mandate to do so by the MC), and otherwise to steer the Action and submits a list of decisions for the MC to approve. It is not compulsory to have a CG, especially in smaller Actions.
A CG meeting is therefore useful during a GP in addition to the compulsory MC, to (re)define the Action’s activities, in particular when there is budget under- or over-spending. - Dr. Federica Ortelli (COST Science Officer) (2016)


  • 2016 Nov - 2017 Jan: Sylvia Kammerhofer, Dr. phil. (OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS), Administrative Assistant of the Grant Holder COST Action MitoEAGLE
  • 2016 Sep - 2017 Jan: Christina Plattner, Dipl.-Ing. (Bioinformatics, Medical University Innsbruck; K-Regio MitoFit) Scientific Representative of the Grant Holder COST Action MitoEAGLE

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