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What is 'Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history'

This is a list of references on the Bioblast website which are labelled 'Made history'. In the spirit of Gentle Science, publications of historical interest are valued as milestones in the scientific development, as sources of understanding the currently discussed concepts, and as a reminder that 'nothing' is new (something new is 'nothing'?).

Which references are selected?

Initially, references with year of publication up to 2000 are selected from reviews with a historical perspective, e.g. Ernster_1981_J Cell Biol.

As time proceeds, additional references are to be selected, e.g. among the most popular pages on the Bioblast wiki, and by selection processes that may involve decisions by the editorial board, and by input according to emerging guidelines.

These guidelines may include a limitation to a fixed number of references (e.g. 500 for any century), such that the list grows in quality by substitutions rather than growing in size. Ambitiously, a comment may be added to describe in which way the publication 'made history'.

Technical instructions

The historical references are added to Bioblast in the standard format of publications. You have to write 'Made history' under 'Additional topics' when editing a reference with form. A link to the list Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history should be added explicitly in the free text.

References can be added to or removed from this list by simply adding or changing the label 'Made history', when editing the reference with form.

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