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Technical service by telephone

O2k-Open Support is provided via e-mail. We are aware that, especially if there is an urgent problem, some end-users would prefer to communicate by telephone. However, that there are very good reasons for our approach:
Communication by e-mail
  • gives us the time to thoroughly read the customers problem description, analyze in detail the files sent to us and THINK about our proposals BEFORE suggesting them to you.
  • gives the customer time to read our suggestions carefully and to read any additional material (websites , manual !) that we proposed.
  • gives the customer time to properly collect (and document) the data that we asked her/him to send.
  • allows our technical service to be operated "by scientists, for scientists". The members of our technical service team work on their own project, keeping up to date with all technical development. However, this means they will not be available for phone conversation while running their experiments.
For a few special cases telephone conversations may actually make sense. In this rare cases (when all the troubleshooting according to our SOPs provided by the customer do not yield a solution or understanding of the problem) we will gladly arrange for such a phone call (planned beforehand).
When phoning Oroboros Instruments you will be connected to our administrative team. They will be glad to help you in administrative questions and point you to the right starting places for trouble shooting. Please understand that it will not be helpful to describe to them any technical details related to a problem on the phone. Even our technical staff prefer to get this information by e-mail, information relayed via non technical experts would be even less helpful. Therefore, this information should be sent by e-mail and include as much of the information gathered during trouble shooting (see the main page) as possible, including a DatLab file (not a screen shot) of an Oxygen sensor test.
Fasching Mario 09:35, 17 April 2013 (CEST)
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