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DatLab 8 perspectives

We are developing a new DatLab software which will incorporate the current functions of a DL-Protocol plus additional features.
For this purpose, several aspects have to be considered:
  • The sequence of Events (E) and Marks (M) has to be flexible:
Several events and then a mark (e.g. EEM).
Event without an associated Mark.
Mark without an associated Event.
A DL-Protocol can start with an event or a mark (e.g. SUIT-006_Fluo_mt_D034.DLP): ME, EE, EM, MM
Several marks after a specific event (e.g. EMM).
  • Automatic marks (have to be defined in a specific DL-Protocol).
  • Multiple titrations (e.g. 3U*) may require to set a mark after every addition, but only one mark will be the one incorporated in the DL-Protocol (3U). In the current DatLab 7.4, the first mark after the first multiple titration event gets automatically the DL-Protocol name (e.g. 3U). The other marks get free name (i.e. a, b, c, d). Frequently, the first mark is not the one which shoud be selected (for U, it should be the one with higher flux). Therefore, an automatic identification function of the maximum flux for an automatic mark will be a user-friendly feature. Following the same strategy, we could programme this function with other definitions (e.g. mark with the lower flux).
  • Events are visible in all the plots, however, Marks are visible only in the specific plot.
  • In Multiple titrations (e.g. 3U*), Marks without a defined "Final conc." and Titration vol." (e.g. 3U) could identify automatically the final "Final conc." and Titration vol." from the respectives Events. This could be applied to other Events and Marks.
  • In the Multiple titrations Events (e.g. 3U*), can be the "*" automatically updated with the "Final conc." up to this step?
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