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Zobi 2012 Dalton Trans

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Zobi F, Blacque O, Jacobs RA, Schaub MC, Bogdanova AY (2012) 17 e- rhenium dicarbonyl CO-releasing molecules on a cobalamin scaffold for biological application. Dalton Trans 41:370-8.

ยป PMID: 21881676

Zobi F, Blacque O, Jacobs RA, Schaub MC, Bogdanova AY (2012) Dalton Trans

Abstract: Cyanocobalamin (B12)) offers a biocompatible scaffold for CO-releasing 17-electron dicarbonyl complexes based on the cis-trans-[ReII(CO)2Br2]0 core. A Co-Cโ‰กN-Re conjugate is produced in a short time and high yield from the reaction of [Et4N]2[ReIIBr4(CO)2] (ReCORM-1) with B12. The B12-ReII(CO)2 derivatives show a number of features which make them pharmaceutically acceptable CO-releasing molecules (CORMs). These cobalamin conjugates are characterized by an improved stability in aqueous aerobic media over the metal complex alone, and afford effective therapeutic protection against ischemia-reperfusion injury in cultured cardiomyocytes. The non-toxicity (at ฮผM concentrations) of the resulting metal fragment after CO release is attributed to the oxidation of the metal and formation in solution of the ReO4- anion, which is among the least toxic of all of the rare inorganic compounds. Theoretical and experimental studies aimed at elucidating the aqueous chemistry of ReCORM-1 are also described.

โ€ข O2k-Network Lab: CH Zurich Gassmann M, CH Zurich Lundby C, US CO Colorado Springs Jacobs RA

Labels: MiParea: Respiration, mt-Medicine, Pharmacology;toxicology 

Stress:Ischemia-reperfusion  Organism: Rat  Tissue;cell: Heart  Preparation: Permeabilized cells 

Coupling state: ROUTINE 

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