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BMES-SIG & MIG Conclave 2023 Virtual

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BMES-SIG & MIG Conclave 2023 Virtual

Publications in the MiPMap
Virtual, 2023 May 23-24. BMES-SIG & MIG Conclave

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BMES-SIG & MIG (2023-05-23) MitoGlobal

Abstract: BMES-SIG & MIG Conclave, Virtual, 2023

General information and program

The BioMedical Engineering-Special Interest Group (BME-SIG) and the Mitochondria Interest Group (MIG) Conclave will meet on 23 May and 24 May 2023, to accentuate the 2:00 PM 24 May Wednesday Afternoon Lecture of Prof. Irene Georgakoudi of Tufts University. Prof. Georgakoudi will highlight her work, “Label-Free Monitoring of Metabolic Function with Micron-Scale Resolution: From Mitochondria to Humans.”
But we are hosting lectures and posters before this event!
The first day of the BMES-SIG & MIG Conclave begins in Lipsett Auditorium from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday 23 May with talks by Federal Intramural scientists.
Speakers will be selected from Poster Abstracts submitted for the Wednesday morning poster session on the FAES Terrace. Topics include various areas of biomedical engineering conducted in Federal Laboratories and Clinics: such as biomedical imaging, biosensors, image-guided delivery and therapy, diagnostics, biorobotic systems and synthetic biological systems, biomaterials, point of care and digital health technologies, biomedical informatics and advanced computational technologies. Emphasis on biomedical engineering in studies of biomedical energetics, metabolism, and mitochondrial structure-function in health and disease are encouraged.
The second day of the Conclave, Wednesday 24 May, will begin with the Intramural Poster Session from 9:00 until 11:30 AM in the FAES Terrace. Poster abstracts are expected to highlight new biomedical engineering technologies that are being developed/employed in your work, as described above.
Following Prof. Georgakoudi’s lecture and question-answer session, a Reception will be held in Lipsett Auditorium Foyer.


Videocast link

Registration - poster submission

Prepare a half page abstract (in Calibri 16 bold font, NO pictures). Include on the second half of the page the Name(s), Affiliation(s), Contact Email(s) (and Phone Number(s), if desired) of the researcher(s) submitting the abstract. Please send the email before the end of the day 31 March 2023 to


The BioMedical Engineering-Special Interest Group (BME-SIG) and the Mitochondria Interest Group (MIG)


2023, MitoGlobal 

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