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Bioenergetics Communications is the Oroboros journal for publishing and sharing scientific and technical advances in the O2k-technology

About Bioenergetics Communications


  • Bioenergetics Communications is the Oroboros journal primarily intended to publish and disseminate rapidly short technical reports on the O2k-technology, to foster interlaboratory collaborations to optimize and standardize methods and protocols, and to combine and compare interlaboratory results. Contributions are invited on very spedific methodological details with preliminary examples of applications, sharing information rapidly rather than adding it much later to the supplementary material of extended research papers.


  • Format: manuscripts in English

The Digital Object Identifier

  • Contributions to "Bioenergetics Communications" are citable publications with a DOI number in the format:

Preprint or publication

  • Contributions to "Bioenergetics Communications" are typically not peer reviewed in Version 1. Peer review is implemented in follow-up versions with interlaboratory collaborations, when contributions by reviewers are integrated or appended as discussions, and reviers are listed as coauthors and declared as such in the section 'Author contributions'. Contributions may be updated and extended - particularly with added information and coauthors from other laboratories - with a new DOI version number, such that each version remains Open Access.
  • This format is a next step of preprint strategies beyond preprints: remove the distinction between preprint and publication - all preprints are publications and all publications are preprints. Whereas 'MitoFit Preprint Archives' remains a classical preprint server, "Bioenergetics Communications" considers the distinction between preprints and publications as a historical left-over derived mainly from for-profit journals and journals operated in traditional formats by non-profit societies.


  • Phase 1: Oroboros Bioenergetics Adventurers and O2k-Network
  • Phase 2: Open invitations to scientific contributions

Editorial board

Editor: Cardoso Luiza HD
Co-editor: Gnaiger Erich
Section editors
Antunes Diana - O2k-Open Support - technical communications
Cardoso Luiza HD - O2k-FluoRespirometry - Magnesium Green; NextGen-O2k - Q-redox
Cecatto Cristiane - O2k-FluoRespirometry - Calcium Green
Di Marcello Marco - O2k-Open Support - technical communications
Doerrier Carolina - SUIT protocols; NextGen-O2k - NAD(P)H
Garcia-Souza Luiz F - O2k-FluoRespirometry - blood cells
Huete-Ortega Maria - NextGen-O2k - photosynthesis, algal bioenergetics
Komlodi Timea - O2k-FluoRespirometry - Amples Ultrared; NextGen-O2k - Q-redox