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Gnaiger 1983 Twin-Flow

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Publications in the MiPMap
Gnaiger E (1983) The twin-flow microrespirometer and simultaneous calorimetry. In: Polarographic Oxygen Sensors. Aquatic and Physiological Applications. Gnaiger E, Forstner H (eds), Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York:134-66.



Bioblast pdf Springer link

Gnaiger Erich (1983) Springer


Gnaiger 1983 Springer POS

In: Gnaiger E, Forstner H, eds (1983) Polarographic Oxygen Sensors. Aquatic and Physiological Applications. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York:370 pp. โ€ข Keywords: Twin-Flow

โ€ข O2k-Network Lab: AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E

Labels: MiParea: Respiration, Instruments;methods, Comparative MiP;environmental MiP, Developmental biology, Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style 

Organism: Fishes, Crustaceans, Annelids 

Preparation: Intact organism 

Regulation: Aerobic glycolysis, Oxygen kinetics  Coupling state: ROUTINE 

CaloRespirometry, Twin-flow, POS 1983