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Outcome questionnaire

will be uploaded in the beginning of March


  • Fantastic initiative with the new mitochondrial physiology preprint server! 
  • However - just a note about pre-prints. A significant portion of scientists that I collaborate with feel uncomfortable submitting manuscript on a pre-print server. Is this something that could be addressed maybe in an article regarding the benefits and nuances of pre-print server submission.
  • It is a great step towards the publication of the manuscript and congratulations for creating your own tool to circumvent decisions that can not be easily understood.
  • FAQ

2019-02-12 Circular to coauthors

Dear coauthors,
The MitoEAGLE manuscript on ‘Mitochondrial respiratory states and rates’ is now published in MitoFit Preprint Archives as a preprint citable with DOI number with 530 coauthors. The next step will be journal submission:
Why a new preprint server MitoFit Preprint Arch? – On 2018-12-12 the MitoEAGLE manuscript was submitted to the preprint server We are amazed that our manuscript was not accepted:
Instead of starting a debate with bioRxiv we started MitoFit Preprint Archives - the Open Access preprint server for mitochondrial physiology
The first DOI number was allocated to our MitoEAGLE manuscript.
Your opinion means a lot to us. Therefore we would like to ask you:
  1. Are you familiar with the concepts of preprints? Y / N
  2. Will you consider to submit a manuscript to MitoFit Preprint Archives for publication as a preprint? Y / N
  3. Which alternative preprint server do you prefer? ___________
The results of this questionnaire will be summarized anonymously on our website (beginning of March).
We thank you for answering these questions in advance and are looking forward to your feedback. In particular, do you have further suggestions for our first journal choice for submission of our manuscript (Cell Metabolism)?
In the spirit of the bottom-up approach of MitoEAGLE, this is an invitation to join the editorial team (Scientific Advisory Board) of MitoFit Preprint Archives.
Best regards,
Erich Gnaiger
Chair COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE |

  • 2019-02-12: MitoEAGLE Task Group on 'Mitochondrial resipratory states and rates'
MitoEAGLE: States and rates - the preprint is citable with DOI number and getting ready for journal submission