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Gentle Science
Scientific and humanitarian organizations join the world-wide protest against the Russian aggression-war in Ukraine. Oroboros declares solidarity with protests in Russia and outside Russia against this war.
-Β» We join forces with Science for Ukraine
Science for Ukraine
Oroboros Instruments offers 1-year scientific positions to help Ukraine women to pursue their scientific career and gain expertise in bioenergetics: in mitochondrial and cell respiration, photobiology. If war makes a prolonged stay necessary, we are open to extend the contract – in the spirit of Gentle Science.
The Oroboros Bioenergetics Adventurers – our international team of scientists – are enthusiastic to collaborate with colleagues from Ukraine, who require support at the time of war, with a background in cell biology – mitochondrial physiology or algal photosynthesis. If you intend to return home when science can be continued in Ukraine, we will support you with a donation of our internationally leading instrument, represented in 49 countries. The running costs are low. For the latest information, see:
Zdrazilova L, Hansikova H, Gnaiger E (2022) Comparable respiratory activity in attached and suspended human fibroblasts. PLoS ONE 17:e0264496. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0264496
Please, contact us at instruments@oroboros.at
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