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Thank you for your interest in the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k – the modular two-chamber system for high-resolution respirometry (HRR). The O2k-Core is the Oxygraph-2k complete for HRR - user-friendly and ready for application.

The O2k-Core supports all optional O2k-Modules, which can be added any time - configuring the O2k-MultiSensor System according to application-specific requirements: The O2k-Fluorometer is the O2k-Core combined with the O2k-Fluo LED2 Module and the Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k). Various electrodes are available (TPP+, pH), and sensors are supported (such as NO, H2S). Auxiliary HRR-Tools complete the package for high-resolution respirometry and mitochondrial physiology.



O2k and add-on modules

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We will send a specific quotation (in Euro, or in another currency upon request) based on your preferred configuration.
» All OROBOROS products: O2k-Catalogue.

Spare parts and consumables

Spare Parts Price List.

Delivery period

  • O2k-Core and packages: ten weeks
  • Separately ordered modules: four weeks
  • Spare parts and consumables: two weeks

DatLab software - latest version

  • Included in the O2k-Core, free follow-up updates for the following two years (see PC requirements).
  • Included in the O2k-Fluo LED2-Module.


O2k-Workshops and Events
With the O2k, one registration fee is waived for participation in an O2k-Workshop. Limited number of travel grants available.


A warranty of two years is offered on all products of OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS (except consumables and glassware).

Special discounts

  • O2k-Network discount: 10% discount on the O2k-Core and O2k-Modules for laboratories listed in the OROBOROS O2k-Network.
  • Early career investigator support: OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS offers a 10% discount on the O2k-Core as start-up support for scientists establishing a new lab in their first university position.*
  • O2k-Network Postdoc support: A 10% discount is awarded to scientists coming from an O2k-Network Lab and starting a postdoc position at a different institution.*
*Please include a letter of confirmation by your university in your application: instruments@oroboros.at

Terms and conditions

» See here.


In specific countries, we collaborate with local distributors to provide our customers with the best national service. See here for a list and contact details of our distributors.
In most countries, OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS delivers the O2k and all add-on modules directly to the end user to provide the best service and quality world-wide.

Sole source information

Sole Source Statement Technical details and unique specifications of the O2k.


Pay with credit card.png
We accept payment via international wire transfer and credit card. Please note that we are unable to accept checks as payment method.


Join the o2k-network.png
The OROBOROS O2k-Network connects scientists and laboratories using the O2k all over the world for the exchange of scientific experience, user innovation and methodological developments. Are you interested in joining? Contact: instruments@oroboros.at
OROBOROS support

Customer support

Customer support from our office and research laboratory in Innsbruck is complemented by local scientific support through the worldwide O2k-Network. With your cooperation, the multicultural world-wide OROBOROS O2k-Network will become stronger. Within the O2k-Network, the expertise of lead users and customer innovation contribute to the unique standard of high-resolution respirometry.
If you need technical support, check our O2k-technical support and open innovation or contact our support team on support@oroboros.at.