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P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5')pentaphosphate (Ap5A) is an inhibitor of adenylate kinase (ADK), the enzyme which rephosphorylates AMP to ADP, consuming ATP (ATP + AMP ↔ 2 ADP).

Application in HRR

Ap5A: P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5′) pentaphosphate pentasodium salt Sigma D4022, store at -20 °C; molecular weight: 1026.28
Caution: Chemicals stored in the fridge or freezer should be allowed to reach room temperature before opening.

Preparation of 100 mM stock solution (dissolved in H2O):
  1. For a 2 mg glass vial: dissolve in 19.49 µL H2O
  2. Store at -20 °C.

» O2k manual titrations MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations
  • Titration volume: 1 µL using a 10 µL syringe (2 mL O2k-Chamber).
  • Final concentration: 50 µM.


Abbreviation: Ap5A

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