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Journal title and website Biochemistry (ACS Publications)


Shirey 2016 BiochemistryPMID: 26985698Shirey K, Stover KR, Cleary J, Hoang N, Hosler J (2016) Membrane-anchored cyclic peptides as effectors of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Biochemistry 55:2100-11.2016
Capdevila 2015 BiochemistryPMID: 26620444Capdevila DA, Oviedo Rouco S, Tomasina F, Tortora V, Demicheli V, Radi R, Murgida DH (2015) Active site structure and peroxidase activity of oxidatively modified cytochrome c species in complexes with cardiolipin. Biochemistry 54:7491-504.2015
Glancy 2013 BiochemistryPMID: 23547908 Open AccessGlancy B, Willis WT, Chess DJ, Balaban RS (2013) Effect of calcium on the oxidative phosphorylation cascade in skeletal muscle mitochondria. Biochemistry 52:2793-809.2013
Sondheimer 2010 BiochemistryPMID: 20677761 Open AccessSondheimer N, Fang JK, Polyak E, Falk MJ, Avadhani NG (2010) Leucine-rich pentatricopeptide-repeat containing protein regulates mitochondrial transcription. Biochemistry 49:7467-73.2010
Hsu 2004 BiochemistryPMID: 15182181Hsu WC, Hung HC, Tong L, Chang GG (2004) Dual functional roles of ATP in the human mitochondrial malic enzyme. Biochemistry 43: 7382-90.2004
Meunier 1995 BiochemistryPMID: 7827023Meunier B, Madgwick SA, Reil E, Oettmeier W, Rich PR (1995) New inhibitors of the quinol oxidation sites of bacterial cytochromes bo and bd. Biochemistry 34:1076-83.1995
Gutman 1971 BiochemistryGutman M, Coles CJ, Singer TP, Casida JE (1971) On the functional organization of the respiratory chain at the dehydrogenase-coenzyme Q junction. Biochemistry 10:2036-43.1971
Jeng 1968 BiochemistryPMID: 4300378Jeng M, Hall C, Crane FL, Takahashi N, Tamura S, Folkers K (1968) Inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport by piericidin A and related compounds. Biochemistry 7(4):1311-22.1968
MacLennan 1968 BiochemistryPMID: 4234149MacLennan DH, Tzagoloff A (1968) Studies on the mitochondrial adenosine triphosphatase system IV. Purification and characterization of the oligomycin sensitivity conferring protein. Biochemistry 7:1603-10.1968