Chemical background

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Chemical background

Description Chemical background Chb is due to autooxidation of the reagents. During CIV assays, ascorbate and TMPD are added to maintain cytochrome c in a reduced state. External cytochrome c may be included in the CIV assay. The autooxidation of these compounds is linearly oxygen-dependent down to approximately 50 Β΅M oxygen and responsible for the chemical background oxygen flux after the inhibition of CIV. Oxygen flux due to the chemical reaction of autooxidation must be corrected for the instrumental O2 background. The correction for chemical background is necessary to determine CIV activity, in which case the instrumental O2 background and chemical background may be combined in an overall correction term.

Abbreviation: CHB, Chb

Reference: MiPNet14.06 Instrumental O2 background, MiPNet06.06 Chemical O2 background

Correction for chemical O2 background in CIV assay

See Chemical background correction of oxygen flux


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Pathway: CHB"CHB" is not in the list (F, N, S, Gp, DQ, CIV, NS, Other combinations, ROX) of allowed values for the "Pathways" property.  HRR: Theory 

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