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DK Aarhus Fago A

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Department of Bioscience - ZoophysiologyAarhus University
Address C.F. MΓΈllers Alle 3Building 1131, Universitetsparken, 8000
City Aarhus C
Country Denmark
Contact Fago Angela
Team Bundgaard Amanda, Jensen Birgitte, Petersen Elin Ellebaek, Bakkeren Ciska
Team previous Cadiz Barrera Laura
Status 4 Power-O2k 2016 –
Oroboros Events IOC134, IOC115


Jensen 2021 Free Radic Biol Med2021Jensen BS, Pardue S, Duffy B, Kevil CG, Staples JF, Fago A (2021) Suppression of mitochondrial respiration by hydrogen sulfide in hibernating 13-lined ground squirrels. Free Radic Biol Med 169:181-86.
Bundgaard 2020 J Exp Biol2020Bundgaard A, Qvortrup K, Rasmussen LJ, Fago A (2020) Turtles maintain mitochondrial integrity but reduce mitochondrial respiratory capacity in the heart after cold acclimation and anoxia. J Exp Biol 222:jeb200410.
Skrivergaard 2019 Viruses2019Skrivergaard S, Jensen MS, Rolander TB, Nguyen TBN, Bundgaard A, Nejsum LN, Martensen PM (2019) The cellular localization of the p42 and p46 oligoadenylate synthetase 1 isoforms and their impact on mitochondrial respiration. Viruses 11:E1122.


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