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Graph options - DatLab

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Graph options - DatLab

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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


Several display options can be applied to a DatLab graph under Graph options.


MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

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Graph options

  • Show legend: Lists the quantities plotted on each Y-axis. Show legend is changed to option "off" with a left mouse click. In this setting plot names are not shown in the legend.
  • Show gridlines: Provides an option to show or hide vertical and horizontal gridlines.
  • Show marks [on/off]: Optionally shows or hides marks in all graphs, without deleting the marks.
  • Show events [on/off]: Enables the user to hide events for all graphs without deleting the events.
  • Font: Provides options for changing font size and style of axes labels and numbers.
  • Event line style: Allows modification of event line styles.
  • Show Oroboros icon in clipboard files [on/off]: Option of displaying the Oroboros icon in graphs when copying them to another file.
  • Show seconds on time axis: An option for displaying seconds on the time axis labels.