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Gnaiger Erich et al ― MitoEAGLE Task Group (2020) Mitochondrial physiology. Bioenerg Commun 2020.1.
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Bioenergetics Communications
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Gross A (2024) A BID-MTCH2 love story: Energizing mitochondria until apoptosis do them part? Bioenerg Commun 2024.1.

Β» Bioenerg Commun 2024.01. Open Access pdf
published online 2024-02-08

Gross Atan (2024) Bioenerg Commun

Abstract: BEC.png

Mitochondrial carrier homolog 2 (MTCH2) is currently one of the most enigmatic mitochondrial proteins. MTCH2’s ligand is the pro-apoptotic BID protein, and the love story between these two proteins involves the regulation of diverse cellular processes including apoptosis, energy metabolism, mitochondrial dynamics, and protein insertion into the mitochondrial outer membrane. This review offers an updated progress report of these two proteins and describes our hypotheses regarding their joint mechanism of action. β€’ Keywords: MTCH2; BID; energy metabolism; mitochondrial fusion; ER mitochondrial crosstalk; apoptosis; scramblase; insertase β€’ Bioblast editor: Tindle-Solomon L

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