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Ohta 2015 Methods EnzymolOhta S (2015) Molecular hydrogen as a novel antioxidant: overview of the advantages of hydrogen for medical applications. Methods Enzymol 555:289-317. doi: 10.1016/bs.mie.2014.11.0382015PMID: 25747486
Abou-Hamdan 2015 Methods EnzymolAbou-Hamdan A, Guedouari-Bounihi H, Lenoir V, Andriamihaja M, Blachier F, Bouillaud F (2015) Oxidation of H2S in mammalian cells and mitochondria. Methods Enzymol 554:201-28.2015PMID:25725524
Galluzzi 2014 Methods EnzymolGalluzzi L, Kroemer G (ed) (2014) Conceptual background and bioenergetic/mitochondrial aspects of oncometabolism. Methods Enzymol 542:509pp.2014Methods Enzymol 542
Tretter 2014 Methods EnzymolTretter L, Ambrus A (2014) Measurement of ROS homeostasis in isolated mitochondria. Methods Enzymol 547:199-223.2014PMID:25416360
Polster 2014 Methods EnzymolPolster BM, Nicholls DG, Ge SX, Roelofs BA (2014) Use of potentiometric fluorophores in the measurement of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species. Methods Enzymol 547:225-50.2014PMC4484872 Open Access
Krumschnabel 2014 Methods EnzymolKrumschnabel G, Eigentler A, Fasching M, Gnaiger E (2014) Use of safranin for the assessment of mitochondrial membrane potential by high-resolution respirometry and fluorometry. Enzymol 542:163-81. PMID: 24862266 Β»O2k-brief
O2k-Protocols contents
Chinopoulos 2014 Methods EnzymolChinopoulos C, Kiss G, Kawamata H, Starkov AA (2014) Measurement of ADP-ATP exchange in relation to mitochondrial transmembrane potential and oxygen consumption. Methods Enzymol 542:333-48. doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-416618-9.00017-02014PMID: 24862274 Open AccessΒ»O2k-brief
Lanza 2009 Methods EnzymolLanza IR, Nair KS (2009) Functional assessment of isolated mitochondria in vitro. Methods Enzymol 457:349-72.2009PMID: 19426878 Open Access
Mason 2008 Methods EnzymolMason MG, Holladay RS, Nicholls P, Shepherd M, Cooper CE (2008) A quantitative approach to nitric oxide inhibition of terminal oxidases of the respiratory chain. Methods Enzymol 437:136-60.2008PMID: 18433627;[1]
Combs 2004 Methods EnzymolCombs CA, Balaban RS (2004) Enzyme-dependent fluorescence recovery after photobleaching of NADH: in vivo and in vitro applications to the study of enzyme kinetics. Methods Enzymol 385:257-86.2004PMID: 15130744
Boveris 1999 Methods EnzymolBoveris A, Costa LE, Cadenas E, Poderoso JJ (1999) Regulation of mitochondrial respiration by ADP, O2 and NO. Methods Enzymol 301:188-98.1999PMID: 9919567
Tsien 1989 Methods EnzymolTsien R, Pozzan T (1989) Measurement of cytosolic free Ca2+ with quin2. Methods Enzymol 172:230-62.1989PMID: 2747529
Takada 1984 Methods EnzymolTakada M, Ikenoya S, Yuzuriha T, Katayama K (1984) Simultaneous determination of reduced and oxidized ubiquinones. Methods Enzymol 105:147-55.1984
Mela 1979 Methods EnzymolMela L, Seitz S (1979) Isolation of mitochondria with emphasis on heart mitochondria from small amounts of tissue. Methods Enzymol 55:39-46.1979PMID: 459851
Estabrook 1967 Methods EnzymolEstabrook RW (1967) Mitochondrial respiratory control and the polarographic measurement of ADP:O ratios. Methods Enzymol 10:41-7.1967ScienceDirect