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MitoFit DatLab proficiency test.

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Oroboros (2016-07-20) Mitochondr Physiol Network

Abstract: Plattner C, Krumschnabel G, Sumbalova Z, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2016) MitoFit DatLab proficiency test. Mitochondr Physiol Network 21.07(02):1-3. Versions

The MitoFit Proficiency Test Part 1 (MitoFit-PT1) is the DatLab-PT for flux analysis. It can be considered as a first-level 'dry' MitoFit-PT for evaluation of inter-individual and inter-laboratory reproducibility and accuracy of DatLab flux analysis of the same data files. Proficiency will be tested for (1) O2 calibration at air saturation and zero O2 concentration; (2) analysis of instrumental O2 background; and (3) DatLab flux analysis of a data file obtained in an experiment using the O2k-Core with human cells and the SUIT reference protocol.

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O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros

Labels: MiParea: Instruments;methods 

Organism: Human 

Preparation: Permeabilized cells 

Coupling state: LEAK, OXPHOS, ET  Pathway: F, N, S, Gp, CIV, Other combinations, ROX  HRR: Oxygraph-2k, TIP2k, O2k-Protocol 




  1. Application of DatLab 7 for data analysis: general features; start with O2k-Core, set O2k configuration.
  2. O2k quality control 1: evaluate O2 sensor test. DatLab analysis of a two-point O2 calibration, set marks on O2 concentration, enter O2 solubility factor; use DatLab-Excel template O2-calibration.xlsx.
  3. O2k quality control 2: evaluate O2 chamber test; DatLab analysis of a file obtained in an instrumental O2 background test; set marks on O32 slope (neg.); calculate instrumental O2 background parameters; use DatLab-Excel template O2-background.xlsx.
  4. DatLab analysis of an experimental file with permeabilized cells on the basis of the SUIT reference protocol. Set marks on O2 flux (per volume) or O2 flow (per million cells), name marks, copy to clipboard, use DatLab-Excel template SUIT RP-Pc.xlsx.
  5. Obtain a measure of noise due to variability in setting marks on 'flux' when evaluating flux in different respiratory states.