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Oroboros 2011

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

Exhibitions and O2k-Workshops

Date Location-Country-IOC
Apr 12 Wageningen, NL: Mitofood satellite workshop: Analysis of Cellular Mitochondrial Function. Mitofood COST Action FAO602. Organizer: Jaap Keijer. Email: Jaap.Keijer@wur.nl
Apr 26-May 1 Schröcken, AT: IOC61 - International O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry - Hotel Körbersee
Jun 15–18 Schaumburg IL, USA: UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2011 - Chicago. - UMDF

Visit umdf-symposium this Fall for updates! Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel,

Aug 26-27 Tianjin, CN: IOC63 - O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; and Tianjin Inst. of Physical Education
Aug 31 - Sep 04 Kagoshima, JP: 2011 KAGOSHIMA JAPAN -5th Biennial Meeting of Society for Free Radical Research (SFRR)-Asia, 8th Conference of Asian Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (ASMRM), and 11th Conference of Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (J-mit), Kagoshima Citizens´Culture Hall, .

Chairperson: Prof. Hideyuki J. Majima Congress Secretary General: Dr. Hiroko P. Indo Congress Manager: Ms. Keiko Uyama

www.kagoshima2011.com; E-mail:mail@kagoshima2011.com

Sep 05 - 08: Bordeaux, FR: MiP2011 - MiP2011. - 8th Conference on Mitochondrial Physiology.
Oct 9-14 Ascona, CH: Hypoxia - Monte Verita: The impact of hypoxia on cells, mice and men, October 9-14, 2011, - http://hypoxia-monteverita.ch/general-information/

Abstract HRR

Oct 16-19 International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology: October 16-19, 2011, Auberge Duchesnay Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Québec, Canada.


Download program (pdf)

Oct 20-21 Berlin, DE: 2nd Congress on Targeting Mitochondria - Strategies, Innovations & Clinical Applications

targeting-mitochondria Gnaiger 2011 Abstract-Berlin Abstract HRR

Dec 08 Hyderabad, IN: IOC64 - O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry. Satellite to the 1st SMRM, Hyderabad, India. Contact: Prof.Dr.Thangaraj Kumarasamy, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology


Dec 09-10 Hyderabad, IN: 1st Annual Conference of the Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine - India (1st SMRM), Mitochondria in Biology and Medicine, Hyderabad, India. - http://www.mitoindia.org.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Thangaraj Kumarasamy, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology ccmb

Dec 10–15 Schröcken, AT: IOC65 - O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry: O2k-Basic and TPP-Basic,
Dec 14-17 Galtür, AT: Sport & Medizin

Contact: OA. Dr. Wilhelm Grander Landeskrankenhaus Hall i. Tirol