Oxycaloric equivalent

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Oxycaloric equivalent


The oxycaloric equivalent is the theoretically derived enthalpy change of the oxidative catabolic reactions per amount of oxygen respired, DeltakHO2, ranging from -430 to -480 kJ/mol O2. The oxycaloric equivalent is used in indirect calorimetry to calculate the theoretically expected metabolic heat flux from the respirometrically measured metabolic oxygen flux. Calorimetric/respirometric ratios (CR ratios; heat/oxygen flux ratios) are experimentally determined by calorespirometry. A CR ratio more exothermic than the oxycaloric equivalent of -480 kJ/mol indicates the simultaneous involvement of aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms of energy metabolism.

Abbreviation: DeltakHO2

Reference: Gnaiger_1983_J Exp Zool, Gnaiger_1990_Biochim Biophys Acta

MitoPedia methods: Respirometry 

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