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Permeabilized tissue or cells

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Permeabilized tissue or cells


Permeabilized tissue (pti, see also permeabilized muscle fibers, pfi) or cells (pce) are mitochondrial preparations obtained by selectively permeabilizing the plasma membrane mechanically or chemically, for the exchange of soluble molecules between the cytosolic phase and external medium, without damaging the mt-membranes.

Permeabilized cells (pce) are, therefore, not any longer viable or living cells (ce), since the intactness of cells implies the intactness of the plasma membrane. Any typical quantiative cell viability test (trypan blue etc) evaluating the intactness of the plasma membrane, yields a 100% negative result on fully permeabilized cells.

Abbreviation: pti, pce

Reference: MiPNet11.05; O2k-Publications: Permeabilized cells; O2k-Publications: Permeabilized tissue