MitoFit-Training module

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MitoFit-Training module

The project MitoFit highlights the benefits of mitochondrial fitness.

MitoFit Workpackages


Development of a training module


KΓΌhtai is an example of several Alpine villages which depend on winter tourism and aim at propagating tourism in summer. The HLZ aims at strengthening its reputation, especially in comparison to other High Altitude Training Centres, such as St. Moritz. A high altitude training module will be developed based on WP7, applying a combination of a classical high altitude training with sprint interval training for the improvement of sea level performance in endurance athletes. The focus will be on endurance sports for which intermediate sprints, good starting performance or short term high intensity performance (during short uphill sections) is of importance (e.g., mountain biking, ski mountaineering, inline skating, trail running, cross country skiing). In addition, marketing research will be carried out on the target groups in order to elaborate and revise the training module.

Progress and next steps

Β» MitoFit Science Camp 2016 Kuehtai AT

References and links

Β» COST MitoEAGLE project
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