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Saponin is a mild detergent that permeabilizes plasma membranes completely and selectively due to their high cholesterol content, whereas mt-membranes with lower cholesterol content are affected only at higher concentrations. Applied for permeabilization of muscle fibres.

Abbreviation: Sap

Reference: Doerrier 2018 Methods Mol Biol

MitoPedia topics: Permeabilization agent 

Application in HRR

Sap: Saponin (from quillaja bark); Sigma S7900, 25 g, store at RT.

Comment: Saponin from Quillaja Bark has the product numbers S7900 and S2149, but S2149 is withdrawn from Sigma.

Caution: Prepare fresh everyday!

Preparation of 5 mg/mL stock solution (dissolved in BIOPS):

1) Weigh 5 mg of saponin.
2) Dissolve in 1 mL BIOPS.

β†’ Use 50 Β΅g saponin/mL BIOPS: add 20 Β΅L of 5 mg/mL saponin stock solution per 2 mL BIOPS.

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