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Wyss M

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Institution 1994: FWF Postdoc project with AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E
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O2k-Network Lab



Sperl 1997 Mol Cell Biochem1997Sperl W, Skladal D, Gnaiger E, Wyss M, Mayr U, Hager J, Gellerich FN (1997) High resolution respirometry of premeabilized skeletal muscle fibers in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. Mol Cell Biochem 174:71-8.
Gnaiger 1994 BTK-2071994Gnaiger E, Wyss M (1994) Chemical forces in the cell: Calculation for the ATP system. In: What is Controlling Life? (Gnaiger E, Gellerich FN, Wyss M, eds) Modern Trends in BioThermoKinetics 3. Innsbruck Univ Press:207-12.
Gellerich 1994 BTK-2631994
Gellerich FN, Steinlechner R, Wyss M, Eberl T, Müller LC, Skladal D, Sperl W, Dapunt O, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (1994) Mitochondrial function in the atrial appendage of the human heart. Characterization by high-resolution respirometry. In: What is Controlling Life? (Gnaiger E, Gellerich FN, Wyss M, eds) Modern Trends in BioThermo-Kinetics 3. Innsbruck Univ Press:263-7.
Gnaiger 1994 BTK1994
Gnaiger E, Gellerich FN, Wyss M (1994) What is controlling life? 50 years after Erwin Schrödinger's What is life? Modern trends in BiothermoKinetics 3, Innsbruck Univ Press:336 pp.


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