Microsyringe\200 mm3\TIP2k

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Microsyringe\200 mm3\TIP2k


Description Microsyringe\200 mm3\TIP2k: Microinjection syringe for Titration-Injection microPump, 200 mm3 (µl), fixed injection needle with rounded tip, with spacers.

Four units of this item are standard components of the TIP2k-Module.

Product ID 31220-01
Type O2k, TIP2k, TIP2k-Module, Microsyringe
Link Titration-Injection microPump, MiPNet12.10 TIP2k-manual
Microsyringe200 mm3TIP2k.JPG

The Microsyringe\200 mm3\TIP2k replaces the Microsyringe\500 mm3\TIP2k as standard item in the TIP2k-Module.

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