SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2U;ce3Rot;ce4S;ce5Ama

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SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2U;ce3Rot;ce4S;ce5Ama



Abbreviation: ceS

Reference: B SUIT-003 CCP(S)

O2k-Application: O2

MitoPedia concepts: SUIT protocol, SUIT B 

SUIT protocol pattern: linear monodirectional cell coupling-control protocol (ceCCP)

R;L;E format_(S)

R;L;E format (S).jpg In the diagrams of coupling-control protocols for intact cells (ceCCP), the steps may be replaced by the respiratory states.

  • 1ceU vs. 1ceOmy
In many cases, oligomycin inhibits subsequently measured ET capacity (Gnaiger E (2015) Cell ergometry and OXPHOS. Mitochondr Physiol Network 2015-01-18). The CCP without oligomycin, therefore, yields a more reliable estimate of ET capacity compared to the CCP with oligomycin.